Aspens For Days

Good Evening!

Here is a recent fall image i’ve taken. Sunrise with scattered eastern clouds dispersing light. Besides from any compositional tips… What tweaks could be done to get this image to the finish line?

I seem to go back and forth with the white balance of fall images and am super picky with the tones of the leaves and what looks natural given the circumstances. Do you have any fall editing tips you apply that give you consistent color results. This is a one shot image with no crop and a few adjustments outside of correcting white balance and bringing down the sky highlights. Feel free to comment.


What technical feedback would you like if any?

What artistic feedback would you like if any?

Pertinent technical details or techniques:

70mm, f/13, 1/20sec

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This is very nice, Sean. The color looks spot on to me. I think I would try to get some pop out of the sky. It doesn’t have to be a big change, it just has to have some addition richness and weight. I like the composition, although, I keep wanting to see more of the scene. Beautiful image.

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You have a pretty nice composition with good colors. One thing that’s noticeable to me is that all the trees near the bottom are all leaning to the right. I think the image is tilted. Therefore I would correct that.

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Yes, I do agree on that. I saw it initially but never made that adjustment, thanks!

This is a very nice composition and I agree with Igor about the trees slightly leaning to the right. Another thing that I would like to mention is about the tonality. Having the lit trees at the lower part of the image leading out of the frame towards the lower right corner and the mountain peak in shadow just do not feel quite right with me. What do you think, Sean?

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Yeah my intention was to keep the sky as natural as possible and to what the scene portrayed. I do agree the top half could use some adjustments to bring it together. There was a lot of atmospheric haze from my distance and light from the sun so i didn’t want to take away from that too much. I will definitely go back though make some minor tweaks. Appreciate the feedback!

Yeah, I can sort of see your point. I shot what was given shortly after sunrise based on the angle of light and what was dispersed on the foreground. Below is last years sunset example showing you the dimension and depth of the peak. I think either work but my intention was showcasing the seasons colors all lit with the vast mountain hiding in the early morning shadows. I was worried about raising the shadows too much! Thanks for your comment.

I’m used to seeing more of a wider perspective of this scene, but I really like how the scale comes across in your composition and how Capital Peak looms large in this image. I like the spotlighting on the aspen as well. You made the most of the blue sky conditions that you had. I was in Ouray at the end of September and had the same conditions for most of my trip.

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Thanks for the comments. Yeah I hear you on the luck of those conditions. I would have taken a late night snow fall over any booming sunrise!