Aspens Showing Off

What technical feedback would you like if any?

Nothing specific technically. I’m happy with the exposure, color balance, etc.

What artistic feedback would you like if any?

We’ve seen a few of these “small scene” shots recently with fall colors. I spent about an hour working a set of trees here and close by. This one seemed to pull me in and I enjoyed the group of yellow leaves behind the center aspen. Interested in hearing thoughts on the way the image works for you. I’ve always found these difficult to get an image that I’d print and hang, but maybe this one?

Any pertinent technical details:

Olympus EM5-II, 14-150 @ 75mm
1/40, f/8, ISO 640

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I like the way the bright tree trunks draw me in to a crown of yellow and the darker forground brings me back to center - pleasing to my eyes.

I do like this, and I think it’d be a good candidate for printing. It’s one of those pleasing, easy-on-the-eye, restful images that is just nice have on the wall. It pulls my eye into it quite nicely. One thing I wonder about: it seems a bit too bright in the center vs darker around the edges, but I am on very non-calibrated laptop, so that may not be true at all.
I like the overall first impression of this; I will have to look at it on my big monitor.


Most certainly print worthy! I like your processing and how you’ve achieved some clean color with the aspen trunks (of course we all know they can vary…) but these look really good in terms of color/processing.

You didn’t mention if you enhanced any natural vignetting - and yes, those darker reeds and undergrowth I think are providing some natural vignetting - which also adds to that sense of being pulled in. This is working quite nicely. Great job pulling this intimate out of a larger, assuming more chaotic aspen scene.


Keith, I like this one a lot. It’s very clean and presents the small grouping very nicely. I think the vignetting that Lon mentions whether intentional, added, or just the original exposure works fine on this vertical portraiture…:sunglasses:

Really nice comp and treatment with the vignette - both natural and added in post. A really nice natural frame. I think there’s a spot in the top left of the image that could stand to be a little brighter and more vivid.

Aside from that I really don’t have much because the image is handled so well!

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Thank you for the feedback on the image. I did apply a vignette, but clearly it went too far. I didn’t really want it to be that extreme. Glad you all pointed out it was showing. Amazing what you don’t see after you spend time with an image. I posted a new version in the original post to make it easy to toggle back and forth.

I really like the luminosity of the leaves and the aspen trunks, and the composition has a nice balance.

I think the opening up of the vignetted area in the repost works much better.

Nicely done @Keith_Bauer!

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Nice tight scene. I like the intimate look. I like the second version. The slight brightening works for me.

This is a really beautiful scene Keith. I like the reposted version better because it feels a bit more cohesive. The original version with the vignette reinforced a circular shape formed by the branches and the trunks that seemed to almost discourage the viewer from checking out the rest of the photo. With the vignette reduced, I really enjoy taking the time to look at those fallen leaves on the forest floor.

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