Lady Boot at Night

Critique Style Requested: In-depth

The photographer has shared comprehensive information about their intent and creative vision for this image. Please examine the details and offer feedback on how they can most effectively realize their vision.

Self Critique

Hopefully, I got the sky right. Compositionally, the balance also appears to be reasonable. The Q to me does the lighting of the foreground appropriate - given that this is a astro - landscape

Creative direction

Essentially looking for a good foreground , properly exposed for a night shot

Specific Feedback

any technical suggestions
Any compositional adjustments - I shot this as a vertical and cropped as the foreground seemed too overwhelming

Technical Details

The sky is one form a Time lapse sequence. The foreground is a blue hour image. Both then blended - something very new to me


Photographed in Lone Pine, Ca - went to do time lapses and am pulling out still shots too

Hi Karl,
wow, that looks really great. I love the composition with that unique rock formation.
The way you aligned the Milky Way creates a V-shape with the rock.
The blend looks pretty good to me. Well done!

Lone Pine seems to be a real playground for photographers. I should put it on the list, just in case I will visit the United States one day.

Thanks @Jens_Ober
That whole area - Death Valley to Lone Pine is spectacular for Landscape and Astro-landscape photography

I think this is fantastic! Do we get to see the time lapse? I think the FG looks very believable and the MW wonderful!

I think this view of Boot Arch is looking W? Did you catch the MW in this position recently but well into the early morning, or is it from later last summer? I’m curious because I hope to be out there in another month and am thinking about MW positions.

Thank you @Diane_Miller - I photographed this around the 25th of April this year

Can a TL be posted on NPN ?

Good question – I don’t know but will find out. You can post links to other online locations, if it is already posted anywhere.

You can Karl! When replying simply click the video icon:


Karl, this is a very good looking photo. I do think that the foreground is too bright compared to the sky, so if you’re going for a realistic look, burning-in the rock formation to something more like the darkness of the rocks in the LLC would probably pass. When you’re blending two different exposures, getting the blend “right” is always a challenge. This does look good as presented, so part of the answer to your question is, “What do you want it to look like?”

Wow! This is a marvel. In the FG, the different shapes of the rocks, especially the spheres and curve under the arch are terrific compositional elements. And the arch looks as if it is marching out of the right side of the image. I love the MW. Did you see all of it as is, or did the capture emerge with long shutter speed? Did you camp out at the site for the night to get the image? Wonderful!

Thanks @Mark_Seaver

That balance between the foreground and sky has always been a challenge - I do understand that it may come down to a matter of taste - my thought process is to make it reasonably realistic

Thanks @Larry_Greenbaum

We ran a time Lapse from 12.30 through the Blue hour - so that we could get better exposed images