Lake Impressions

I took this in my favorite place, a little lake closed to home that I have visited different in seasons and time of the day. I like going in known places because I think differently and I can be more creative.

What artistic feedback would you like if any?

This image is about impressions and feelings using water reflections.
What do you think about this image? any comments or suggestions are appreciated.

Any pertinent technical details:

sony a7 with Zuiko 200mm

As a curiosity I include in the post images of the lake in other different conditions.

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.

I love stuff like this, and these are all great. They have an interesting mix of color, texture, and brightness that is fun to explore.

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A nice set of abstract reflections. I like the second and third images best. For #2 I would crop out the bright area on the bottom. I just love the mood and mystery of the resulting image.

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This is a really nice series. They all have different moods and feel to them. I favor 3 & 4, but all are most enjoyable.

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Wonderful series. I like 2 and 3 the best with #3 being a bit better. I can see the crop suggested on #2 to make it all blue but I like it as is also. Number 1 seems a bit contrast with the yellows a bit too strong for my taste. I sort of feel like the bottom part doesn’t go well with the upper section. If you crop off the bottom then the images seems more consistent. Just my 2 cents.

Number 4 appeals to the precise side of my personality. I’m trying to open up to the other side of me.

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The last two have my vote. I especially like the last one because of the distinct layers from top to bottom.

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Nice series, I prefer the second and third ones. They are more of a painterly abstract, and feel calmer. I do like the first one, particularly the lower half for the same reason.

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Nice. I like 2 and 4 the best, but I am viewing on my phone right now. I bet they look a bit different on a good monitor.
I like this,whole series. I have a dirt road I drive as often as possible to take photos, and my hubby says, “Why, you have been there before?” This is why. It changes every minute.

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These are exquisite. All nice but especially like 3&4. Beautiful work.

As far as critique: On the first I might burn down the brightness a bit it the upper half of the image.

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I agree Mattia! Certainly one can easily get bored by returning to the same place over and over (duh, Yosemite for me…), yet I also believe familiarity can and does breed creativity. If anything, it forces one to look for new and different rather than old/boring or cliche.

I love #4, then 3. The only suggestion/feedback I have is one 1 and 3, I think the color is a little heavy handed with the purple color coming through. But that’s always subjective and a personal choice. A terrific series.


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