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The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


This photo was taken on day 2 of a photography workshop in Death Valley. It marked the beginning of my love for capturing more intimate landscapes.

Specific Feedback

Portrait ? Or Landacape?

Technical Details

IS0 125


Wow Drishti, welcome and what an amazing landscape! What immediately strikes me about this image is the breathtaking tapestry of colors within the rock formations. The palette is diverse yet harmonious, capturing an ethereal aspect of nature that is truly captivating. The intricate blend of colors not only adds dimensionality to the landscape but also creates a serene and almost painterly aesthetic that’s truly enchanting to the viewer.

Its landscape for me. :clap:

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Thank you for the kind words Don! I really appreciate you sharing your view on the photos!!

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Hi and welcome to NPN! These are fine examples of the layering found in many parts of DV. The sense of movement from the way you’ve framed the scenes is quite fun and both orientations work well. One thing you could consider is to tone down the very light rock at the bottom of the first one since it’s so bright we naturally focus a lot of attention there. Generally we look first and most at the brightest part of any photo.

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Welcome to NPN. This must be from Artist’s Pallette? The layered composition is beautiful and well done. I prefer the vertical for the reason Kristen gives. I also would prefer a crop from the top to create a 4 by 5 frame as I find the warmer layers more attractive.

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First off, welcome to NPN Drishti. While both images are quite lovely my favorite is the landscape version as it accentuates the movement of those colorful layers better IMO. The colors are amazing and compliment each other beautifully. No suggestions from me as this is a wonderful first post. I hope to see more of your images as well as your thoughts on other photographer’s work.

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Welcome to NPN, Drishti!
While the scene seems to suggest itself for the classical horizontal orientation, I took a second look and finally prefer the vertical one. It is more unexpected at first sight for me and thereby draws my attention even more. The layers come into play as well in my opinion.
Maybe darkening the bottom with a gradient filter might be an option, but this is only a minor matter for me.
Great work in my opinion, thanks for sharing these images.

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Thank you all for the warm welcome and kind words!!! I truly appreciate the feedback and love hearing your perspectives on which of the versions you prefer.

This was actually taken at 20 mule canyon!!