Lens cleaning services

Hello everyone, I have a lens that I manage to drop on a creek and save but now I have some water stains inside that I’ll like to get cleaned. Does anyone know about a service for cleaning lenses internally? If that even exists? Thanks in advance.

You might consider contacting an authorized service center for the kame of the lens.

Jose, I too would seek out the OEM first. KEH does most earlier lenses that I have. They’ve reworked two or three for me over the years. Their web site has general pricing based upon standard CLA needs.

Fungus can be a problem in that situation, evolving to something more that a cleaning. You may want to seal it Completely from air/moisture and freeze it to kill the fungus that may be there. Then send it to a credible vendor who will tell you whats up. Good Luck.

Thanks all. I will heck with an sony service

@stevenm, yes mold is one of my biggest fears. Thanks for the suggestion.