Lens Repair Cost

I wonder if anyone has experience with fixing a Sony lens.

I dropped my 20 mm f1.8 G lens. Luckily it did not break and still works well but at wide apertures (1.8 to ~4) i noticed it has very soft edges as you move away from center.
I use this lens for night photography so f1.8 is important

To fix, i have to send it over to Sony authorized repairs shop which costs 120 for shipping only. Once they determine the issue and the potential fix, the tell me how much the repair will cost and if i decided to not fix it then i have to pay a diagnosis fee probably another 100.

I am just wondering if anyone knows a typical range for such repair costs?
Do you recommend repairing ? New lens costs 1098 CAD

I am not sure what to do as i have no experience and i am not sure if i will be able to sell it as it and minimize my loses?!

Any advice is appreciated

Was it soft before you dropped it?
Do some research on that lens. Most, if not all, lenses have sweet spots for sharpness.

Yeah i know that @BrettOssman
And no it was not, it was actually very sharp. This is not your regular softness this a day and night difference drop

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For a relatively small lens, that seems like a high shipping cost unless it’s going half way around the world. I assume it’s not under warranty? If it’s not
, you might look at a reputable repair shop closer and see what their cost is at least for comparison.

Yeah i agree
Unfortunately no repair shops in the city. And those are the standard costs by the camera stores in town who send the sony gear to other shops in Toronto.

I shoot Canon, but the repair cost story is usually something similar, you pay for shipping (both ways), and it’s rare that something gets out of the Canon repair center for under US $500, no matter how seemingly minor the problem. I take that back, they once charged me US $200 to remove a polarizing filter that was hopelessly stuck on the lens. Canon does offer a paid subscription to Canon Professional Services, where for an annual fee you can get free shipping and discounts on the repairs. I don’t knows if Sony offers a similar program or not.

For an $1,100 lens I’d just buy a new one, and then going forward investigate putting your gear on your homeowners insurance policy, which at least here in the USA is a reasonably economical way to insure your camera gear. It may be a viable option in Canada too.

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For those considering making any camera loss / damage claims on their homeowner insurance policy, please note that the “standard” deductable on most homeowner policies is several thousand dollars, unless you are paying a very high premium. So, please talk to your insurance agent first, and see if they offer a specific rider (at extra cost) for camera gear.