Help with Sony Warranty Maze?

My 4 month old Sony 200-600 suddenly decided it didn’t want to rotate in the lens collar (well, I get about 30 degrees). I’ve been on the Sony website this morning and I have an email in to service and repair (I think). They have closed their phone lines for Covid. Just curious to know if anyone has a good link or email for actual warranty support in the US.

So I found out that it’s not so bad as I thought. The email support folks just sent me an email response telling me to go to their Chat system. It seems a little silly, since I gave them the needed information in my email, but it did work. 10-15 minutes with the chat folks got me the repair work order. The work order also had a phone number for customer support (877-591-7669). I used it because I’ screwed up and given them my street address but my PO box zip. The down side of their system is that they don’t seem to send a prepaid shipping label. We’ll see how that works out. Anyhow the lens is on its way to Connecticut.

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