Nikon Z8

Ah the sweet sorrows of a new camera…
Nikon has a service advisory for certain serial numbers for the new Z 8 camera.
And…yes, mine was one of the numbers being recalled.
I spent an entire week going through all the videos by Steve Perry and Hudson Henry on tweaking the setup with 4 shooting banks -Standard, everyday shooting, Action - Birds in flight and other fast movers, Landscape and finally, Bank 4 for Astro.
I shall lament every day it is away, but to be honest, getting a good, easy fit with the lenses to the body wasn’t exactly a picnic.



I guess that’s one of the risk you take with being an early adopter (of anything). I hope you get your camera back soon though!

Me too! From the little use I had with it, it is quite a remarkable piece of equipment. The focus tracking has no rival that I have seen and the ability to lock onto a star in perfect focus is a game changer in Astro work.

Hi Chris, I don’t understand what you mean about getting a good fit? Are you using F-mount lenses with the FTZ adapter for your Z8 and the fit isn’t all that great?

I’m using both the FT adapter and the S lenses. With the adapter, it’s tight and just has the not quite right feel to mounting a lens. I’ve been shooting Nikon since 1994 and this is the first camera where I’ve felt this. My 100-400 S lens (their designation for a Z mount Nikon Lens), goes on snugly, but as with the FTZ it too feels just a bit “too” tight.

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What a fantastic camera. I don’t have any issues attaching the Z lens. My camera is on the list and even though it works great, I"ll send it in a few weeks.

My fear in not waiting was that they would get inundated with returns and slow everything down. I could mount mine, they were just overly tight.