Light Transitions

I don’t consider myself much of a night photographer. But here’s one from Bandon I’m pretty happy with!

What technical feedback would you like if any?

Open to any.

What artistic feedback would you like if any?

Open to any.

Any pertinent technical details:

24/70 2.8
8sec, iso3200

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.

Really find this a pleasing image. The mix of warm and cool light is appealing to me. The only thing I’d like more of is a bit more details in/light on the rock.

No feedback except to say that I absolute love this - I would not change a thing!

Superb! I agree with Alberto, leave it as it is.

Wow, excellent in every way and tough to pull off.
Getting some detail in the rock would be impossible in a single exposure.
The sand is the best part.

This is an outstanding image! I would hang it as is.

Great job. I like the composition and the editing you’ve done. The only thing I might change is darkening the rock to make it more of a silhouette. I can see some detail in it but looks pretty noisy which is unavoidable in a single exposure like this. I also believe I see a little bit of sensor dust to the right of the rock in the water, I would just clone that out.

I like the yellow-blue transition in the sand at the bottom. Processing needs work, the rock is very noisy and is taking on a purple hue as you’ve hit the noise floor of the sensor trying to bring back detail that’s not there. The sky is also very blue, personally I’d desaturate it a touch, just a bit intense.

Thanks folks.
Yeah, there was a lot of noise. I thought it looked pretty good for a web sized image on my monitor. Don’t know if I could ever get it clean enough for a print!

Hi, Chris - stunning. perfect complimentary colours, great and non-typical reflections,
I wonder if a step ot two to the left would have isolated that great moon a bit more?

Well, look who’s here!

Wonderful imagery. I would also comment on the darkness of the rock - but then again, this isn’t about detail in the shadow, this is more about color and graphics; the centered rock, centered horizon help emphasize the shape and separation of colors. The moon and stars? Bonuses!

Welcome back Chris. Hope to see more of your recent images. I see you’re doing quite well with your prints. Congrats!

Chris, this looks great, with plenty of details in the sky, water and sand. I’d make the sea stack black or nearly black because it’s shape and position are what make this so enjoyable to view.

This is wonderful as presented Chris, i wouldn’t change anything. I love the “moon-star” too…

Welcome back to NPN 2.0. There have several comments that they wouldn’t change a thing. Well, I’m offering a simplification of your image:

You could open the shadows just a smidgeon more.

Thanks Igor! Nothing wrong with that. Your crop works just fine. I just really like the shadowing and reflections on the wet sand. But a centered horizon was the compromise to include that. I ‘d like to open the shadows. But I need to do some more noise removal before I could get away with it. This is as much as I could get away with. Someone better at noise reduction might be able to clean it up some more.