Lone mushroom

We don’t normally have mushrooms popping up this time of year, so it was a bit of a surprise when I stumbled upon this one this morning. There were others near by but I like this one standing tall all by it’s self.
Used linear profile with auto adjust in ACR, sharpened the mushroom a bit and added a strong vignette to emphasis the mushroom.
Is it too strong? Do the composition and POV add to the size of the mushroom? Any other thoughts or comments welcome. Thanks.
Nikon D7200, f/8, 1/160sec., iso 200 @105mm, handheld.

How cool is this! Nice catch, Linda. I like the vignette, it works well. Your processing is spot on and the depth of field works to highlight the mushroom. Nice!

We have these in our lawn, too. When I have shot these, or others in similar situations, I try to flatten the foreground grass as much as I can. The OOF bit diminishes the presence of the mushroom a bit too much considering how much of the surroundings you’ve left in. I’m not a fan of the vignette, but I like the DOF you have here and the soft grass behind. Btw this is probably a Coprinus plicatilis aka Japanese Parasol mushroom.

Linda, I too see these occasionally in my late summer lawn. They are always a nice surprise. You’ve captured this one and how it’s an intrinsic part of the lawn well. The oof grasses add well to the feeling that you’ve made a fun discovery of this hidden gem. The vignette does help keep focus on the shroom and the warm grassy center. I think you could get a similar effect from burning-in the four corners…but that’s more processing.

Thanks Mark, appreciate your thoughts.

Thanks, @Kris_Smith for taking the time to comment. I have seen you mention from time to time how you prepare for photos you’re taking close to ground level and can see why that would definitely work what you’ve got in mind. In this case I was wanting to capture the little mushroom cozied in the grass. Just a case of seeing images from different perspectives. Thanks for the ID also, thought it might be a type of Parasol but wasn’t sure.

Thanks, @Mark_Seaver. Good point about creating a luminosity mask and burning in the corners.