Long Exposure Hot Pixels

Hi Everyone,
Of late I have been noticing quite a few hot pixels when I do long exposures( 25 or 30s) and end up with quite a few hot pixels on my EOS 6D2.

Is this a sensor issue?

Balan Vinod

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It’s the sensor, so far as I understand, but it’s not an issue. At least it hasn’t been for me. It happens now and again with times over 10 seconds, something I don’t do often. Are you seeing just a few or a lot of them? Maybe others with more knowledge or experience with this can chime in.

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I agree, this is common with a lot of sensors and there’s nothing to be worried about. They are not fun to remove in post but a good starting place is using the “dust and scratches” filter in PS.

It’s very dependent on the ambient temperature as well. If it’s cold out I would not expect to see many hot pixels with a 30 second exposure, if it’s hot out then I would expect to see more. If you’re seeing a lot I would recommend turning on long exposure noise reduction. It will take an additional 30 second exposure with the shutter closed and then remove any noise that is seen in that dark frame automatically. You can also use the dust and scratches tool in Photoshop to easily remove hot pixels.

Not sure if other mirrorless owners have noticed this, but I’m seeing a lot more hot pixels in dark conditions, even when I avoid super high (6400+) ISOs, ever since I went mirrorless. It’s definitely been noticeable on my Canon bodies, and I believe I saw it when I ran a Sony a1 through its paces during a trip last year.