Long-Tailed Duck Skirmish

Hi All,

Here is more of a fun shot. I mentioned in a previous photo that I saw a couple long-tailed ducks having a squabble over a female. Here is one of the shots. In post, I just cropped, set white and black points, and sharpened the birds. Went with a pano crop. Nothing else felt quite right. This is also a pretty healthy crop, so feather detail could be better. I’d prefer it if the front bird’s bill didn’t merge with the wing, but c’est la vie. All C&C welcome.

700mm, handheld
ISO 400

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Hi Lyle, this is a fun shot - well captured. Love the water splashing all around and the birds in chase. Making it a pano crop was a good idea. I see what you mean about the feather details but it still looks pretty good to me.

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Nice low angle. The water splashes and the nice green water adds a lot to the shot and the ducks look pretty good as well.

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I love these kind of shots, Lyle! It tells much more of a story than a simple pose and brings out the personalities of the birds. I have a shot very similar to this one with a Gadwall chasing off a Mallard because it was getting too close to its mate!

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Very nice - it brings a smile to my face and the pano-crop works well here. The water splashes make the image for me. Cheers, Hans

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