Lotus Flower and Pickerel Weed + repost

I think this is my first post to the flora forum as I’m not really a flower photographer. However, I was on a tour of a cypress swamp this morning and we came across this scene with the lone lotus flower amongst pickerel weed. I took a few photos from the pontoon boat with my bird lens.

Canon 7D2, Sigma 150-600 C @244mm
ISO 400, f10, 1/640s, hand held from boat

Any comments appreciated.

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Allen: A great find and a fine comp and capture. I like your DOF choice. The only thing that would make this better for me would be if the pickerel weed in the LLC would go away. I might try some content aware cloning. The lotus is a great subject and I can also see some tighter views if you could get closer. >=))>

Hi Allen. I am attaching a reworked copy of your image for your consideration. Have cropped it differently to emphasize the lotus flower and reduce the impact of the background pickere

l weed.

Allen: I like Patricia’s crop but I also like your wider view. After pondering some more I think it is the OOF pickerel weed touching the lotus that bugs me the most. This is a quick and dirty CA/clone job. Over to you. >=))>

@Bill_Fach, @Patricia_Brundage,
Hi y’all and thanks! Your repost gives me lots to consider. I was drawn to this scene by the lone lotus in the purple pickerel weed so I have a slight lean in that direction with Bill’s repost (nice improvement over original). I do like Patricia’s tighter version also - I didn’t shoot anything tighter on the lotus but I can see now I should have. It was a great surprise to see these out in the middle of nowhere in the swamp.

@Bill_Fach, @Patricia_Brundage, here is a repost to remove oof pickerel weed touching the lotus:

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I like this, Allen. The repost is very nice. The lone lotus in that sea of green and purple works very well.

Allen: Nice work on the repost; just what the doctor ordered :wink:. Nicely done.>=))>