Luminosity masking panels

There are lots of panels that simplify the work with luminosity masking in Adobe Photoshop.
It’s great to have choice, but sometimes it’s difficult to see what is already available out there.
Let’s come up with a definitive list with short description and price.

Post a comment with link to the panel, it’s price and a feature highlight that you find the most important in the panel. I will be updating the first post in this thread with a nice list.

What is listed so far:

29$, free minor updates, paid major updates, no trial

39.99$, free updates, no trial

42.95$, free minor updates, paid major updates, no trial

Raya Pro/InstaMask
44.99$, free updates, no trial

Mask Equalizer
36$, no trial

33$, free updates, free trial

278,90$ (!), no trial

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Here’s a list to get you started:

Raya Pro
Mask Equalizer

I did a review of all the panels which you can find here it’s a bit dated but most of info still applies.

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Thanks, David. I’ll edit the main post and add links to the panels and some details.

I didn’t use all of them so hopefully others can add more information about what’s good and bad about them.
Isn’t Raya Pro and InstaMask the same?

Also I remember there was Zone System Express and couple panels made by Italian photographers that I saw. Don’t remember the names though.

Raya and Instamask are both made by Jimmy but they are different panels I’m not sure if Raya still has any luminosity mask features in it anymore, sorry I don’t have the time to investigate.

Zone System Express could be included, but it isn’t actually using luminosity masks, that’s why I didn’t include it. It’s kind of it’s own thing, hard to explain but I touch on it in my review.

I see. I didn’t find a way on the website to buy InstaMask separately, so for now I just listed RayaPro and Instamask together as same entry.

I also found Orion V2 panel, this is the one made by Italians, I think.
I’ll add it to the list.
And I saw a few interesting color grading panels, but they are not strictly about the masks, although ususally they use masks in the background

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Great reviews David. Very useful.

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I wanted update my original post but it’s not editable anymore.
ARCPanel is now free for everyone:
There is a separate ARCPanel Pro license available for purchase, but it only adds extra cool stuff.