Lunar Eclipse Composite

I just can’t resist having fun.

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Technical Details

Is this a composite: Yes
Sunrise horizon shot from Coyote Lake, about 20 miles east of the Alvord Desert. Lunar eclipse shot in 2010, no idea where without some rummaging. The stars were authentic with the eclipse exposure. Canon 5D2, 600mm. Star trails from our property, at 16 or 17mm. Didn’t label any of the layers so no idea when the others were done, but the composite was assembled shortly after shooting the eclipse. Didn’t go back for a rework, but it could probably be improved with newer software, especially NR.

OK – it was – RP done. Came out slightly different, but each component redone with the new LR and Topaz NR.



I love the first one with the moon more isolated in the star trails. It’s amazing not only to witness the phenomenon, but to have the technical chops to shoot it and then further organize a composite with other images. My brain is far too literal for envisioning composites. Great job. I love the epic sci-fi quality of this.

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Hi Diane, your opening comment reminded me of the old Cyndi Lauper song, ha ha. This is a very striking image and it’s remarkable how different and improved the rework is, but the noise in the original was not objectionable, in my eyes. I like how the star trails sort of disappear into the sunrise but would probably prefer the moon a bit more higher in the frame.

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Diane, you’re killing me. This is incredible. Excellent composite and composition. I love this.

Thanks @Kris_Smith, @David_Bostock and @Jim_Lockhart! Jim, I kept moving the moon but think you’re right. Kris, the right wine makes it relatively easy to envision composites, but the best pairing takes some experimentation. I think a really full-bodied Malbec would be best for an image like this, or a really rich Petite Syrah… Now I’m leaning to the Syrah. YMMV.

Diane, you are slaying me with your recent images. This one is no exception. I’m glad I don’t have to chose between the two above. Like Kristen I was leaning toward the first, because of the separation of the moon from the trails. But, the golden glow, subtle gradation of colours and the added canvas at the bottom are exceptional.

So cool Diane! As in your other star trails image, I like the wispiness and thinness of the trails. Just enough to know what they are, yet not overpowering. Did you recall if the trails are multiple images (how many?), or a single very long exposure?
I like the original nest. I like the more vibrant color in the moon, and that color seems to better mirror the color in the sky down below. Gorgeous!