Man and Nature

I think Gary Randall said it best:

“As landscape photographers we are also documentarians of nature. Many of the scenes that we photograph are fragile and could change or be completely gone with no notice.”

Taking that into consideration, why not resurrect the man and nature category with an emphasis on environmental photojournalism. Yes, David, I understand your position on an apolitical approach on the site, but to me, that eliminates an important aspect of nature photography. The recent set of images taken in the Columbia Gorge by several members prior to that Eagle Creek fire demonstrate a need.

Thanks for reconsidering…

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Perhaps he wants to keep the epic Instagram style photos of the little person holding their hands in the air in exaltation the distance off of here. :wink:

But I kid. :wink:

Having a way to encourage LNT principles in a category would be great, but figuring out the best approach would be challenging.

Thanks David, we are trying to figure out a way to integrate some conservation and ethics into the site, it will take a little while to figure out the best approach to this.