Middle Prong Falls in Smokey Mountains

I was an avid hobbyist nature photographer from 2000 to 2008. Life happened and I wasn’t able to focus on the hobby. In fact I haven’t touched a camera until I bought one two months ago. I took this photo about two days ago. I welcome any composition and post processing advice you can give. I am quite rusty.

Nicely done Shawn, especially for someone whose rusty. Can you tell us a bit about your settings and the camera used? That is helpful in giving feedback. Welome to NPN and hope you will continue on your photographic journey and post more photos with us.

Camera is Fuji X-T30 with 10-24mm F/4 lens. ISO 160, 0.5 SS, f/9 for the image exposing for the foreground and rocks. I did three of these exposures for focus stack. forth exposure for the waterfall is 1/8 SS. I used Capture One for RAW conversion and Photoshop for everything else.

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Hey Shawn…welcome to NPN. I’m sure you’re quite excited to get back in to photography. I wonder what’s changed in your perspective since shooting last? I suppose the digital age was just getting underway in full earnest back in 2008.

Well, if your focus stacking and exposure blending, you’re certainly no newbie!!! You’ll work out the rust in no time!

As for the composition, I do like the S-curve that is implied by the flow of water, the brighter rock in the distance is nearly as bright as the water itself, so it pulls the eyes through the foreground to the background but competes for attention a bit. The most challenging aspect of the comp from my eye is the upper left corner where there are some straggling bright sticks along the border that distract me somewhat. The very dark shadow under the large rock is somewhat of an eye magnet whereas the remainder of the image has relatively low mid-tone contrast.

Finally, the mossy rocks and some of the greens are a bit bright to my eye, but that may be artistic intent/desire.

Well, keep at it and keep the shots coming! Thanks for posting one of my happy places!

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Jim thanks. The recommendations that you suggested I agree with and fairly easy to fix. The Mossy rocks I am not sure if I like or not, so thanks for your opinion.

I recognize that spot, but I haven’t made the steep scramble down to this spot. Your composition here is top notch. I especially like the depth of the composition and how the foreground rock is not just a rock, but points in the direction of the creek. I may have to figure out how to get down to this spot sometime!