Middle Prong of Little River

Thank you for the comments and suggestions on my previous post.

A chilly, rainy late afternoon on the Middle Prong of the Little River at Tremont in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

I welcome all comments, suggestions, and critiques.

Nikon D810 w/ Tamron 24-70 @ 24mm. 1/4 sec @ f/8, 100 ISO, Tripod

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.

Bill I would suggest standing in the stream and getting right up close to some of the shapes created by the rushing water. I love the colours and the tones, there’s a lot of potential in this location. I would also like to see more of the fog a the top of the frame.
I find shooting in portrait orientation makes it significantly easier to separate the scene in the foreground, middle and background.
Also your full res upload looks to be over sharpened to the point where the image is breaking.

Bill, I think your composition works well, I like the diagonal flow of the river and the inclusion of the grassy area with leaves in the LRC. I too would have liked to see a little more fog in the upper part of the frame, it helps create a mysterious mood in this image. Your processing of exposure, contrast, and saturation looks spot on to me.

I would crop a little off the left and bottom to tighten this up a bit. I would clone away the bush in the LRC too. The image as presented does feel a little bit too crisp. I would consider applying a light dose of Orton effect to soften it. I downloaded your image and made these changes. If you don’t like what Orton does, you could back off sharpening or use some negative clarity in Lightroom to reduce the crispness.

This is really nice, Bill. I like Ed’s crop but also like the original. I love the way the river fades way to the back and leads my eye out there. It does look over-sharpened but no biggie. Real nice!


Beautiful and quite peaceful where one can listen to the rush of water and listen to the silence of the leaves.
No suggestions from me. I think your shutter speed is just about perfect for the water. Well done.!


Thanks all for your comments and suggestions. There was actually very little sharpening done to this but I agree it’s seems overdone. I will remove all sharpening and then play around with both soft-focus and a little Orton and then see if any sharpening is needed. Thanks again!

Gorgeous, Bill. Real nice leading lines and wonderful soft light. Fine as presented but I could see experimenting with cooling the white balance a touch in the water.