Milkyway Over Cove Bay


A rough edit in LR with the range mask. Thanks for the suggestions @David_Johnston @Dan_Kearl


Specific Feedback Requested

All comments welcome.

Technical Details

Sky: 17sec ISO 32000
Foreground : 243sec ISO 1600
This was taken a while ago and I’m missing my processed files, so I’m not 100% sure if I stacked for the noise in the sky or used luminosity masks. I think I just used the 2 images though.

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Nice… the clouds really add to the image and enough of the Milky way makes a nice night sky.
I might clone out the house on the ridge on the right and maybe lower the highlights on the horizon just a tad.

Dramatic and different! A wonderful capture and the light in the clouds almost looks like lightning. I like the darker vignette.

Hey Andre! Wow this is an awesome photo! I love the long exposure look that’s added to the water and clouds. It adds so much action to the shot. One thing I would suggest is to reduce the luminance of the light reflected off of the clouds and amplify the brightness of the Milky Way. The eye naturally gravitates to the brightest part of the photo and mine has a hard time finding the MW against the bright clouds. Great work!

@David_Johnston @Dan_Kearl @Diane_Miller Thanks for the comments. I actually brought down the light in the clouds a significant amount when I first edited it. That was a while back though and think I have better control with my luminosity mask now so I’ll give it another go.


The clouds and the light from the city illuminating the clouds really gives this image a great dramatic feel. Great work processing and balancing detail throughout.

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Love this night image with the Milky Way over the city lights and clouds… This is quite inspiring and motivating to give some night photography a try at some locations I frequent where I’ve never attempted.

The edit version is a cut above - and thanks for taking the time to rework and post. A wonderful night sky photograph.


Thanks for the feedback Lon.