Moon set over Chimney Rock NE

It was a beautiful clear night and looked like a good sunset scene. The road back to Chimney Rock is not well marked but we found a place to park just before the moon set. I like the lingering pink in the sky. Artificial lighting on the monument gave me a challenge. It was a moment that was passing quickly and we were traveling through the area. I had to get out of the Jeep, set up fast and shoot.

Specific Feedback Requested

No specific feedback.

Technical Details

Shot with a Canon Mark V., 24-105 lens at 105, ISO 1600, 20 sec at f19. Single image.
Aug 29 moments after sunset.

I like the overall composition. There are a few stars that a visibly trailing–not sure if that was your intent. Also, there is fairly noticeable noise in the sky and some hot pixels in the dark foreground that you might consider reducing/eliminating.

Thank you!

Donna, I like it. As @DeanRoyer noted, there is some noise which can probably be removed post production. But having no experience with night photography (other than years ago with old equipment and no knowledge of what I was doing I tried to capture the moon and it’s reflections on lake and it not turning out well at all), I sure am of no help. I love the composition, and how you handled the artificial lighting while shooting the natural. That pink in the sky is nice.

I like the composition Donna. I would reduce the highlights of the 3 bright spots where the rock meets the dark area at the bottom. The colour in the sky is a nice touch.


Great composition. But I am perplexed at your camera settings. You can’t get away with that long of an exposure as the moon will move and show up blurred in the photo, as your moon did. You should have been able to capture the scene with no longer than 1 second exposure. The moon is that bright, even when a crescent.

Thank you. I had to move quickly and didn’t have experience with this kind of night photography. I’m still learning so your critique is helpful.

Great photo, Donna. Nighttime can be tricky to do and the objects in the sky move. even with a 24mm lens movement happens within 10 seconds and shorter if at 105mm. There is something called a barnyard tracker that is cheap and easy to make. It allows the camera to track with the stars. F/19 I do not think was needed so I would try f/5.6 or f/8 would work.

A lovely scene worth trying for. You could do 2 exposures (and shutter speeds and ISOs) to capture the best moon and monument and combine later.