Pigeon Point Lighting The Way

I am posting this photo as kind of a second follow-up comment to the photo @donnaclarke posted of Chimney Rock and the crescent moon, to show what my comment stated. This was taken about one hour after sunset on an evening when the crescent is first visible. The evening before this, the moon was not visible in the sky. The moon is sitting in the constellation Sagitarrius and the totality of the moon can be seen lit due to Earth-Shine, light reflecting off the “Full Earth” back onto the moon (when the moon is new to us, the Earth is full to the moon). The crescent portion is lit by the Sun.

Specific Feedback Requested

Any feedback is fine.

Technical Details

Nikon D850, Nikon 80-200 mm f/4 at f5.6, 1-sec shutter at ISO 1600.

The moon’s brightness did cause a red fringing which I think is just due to lens plume, but it is sharp since there is minimal drift with just a 1-second exposure.


I just discovered this – got busy and got behind here. Amazing you could capture that much exposure on the earthshine! I wonder if you tried to do a double exposure to lessen the brightness of the crescent?

Huh, that is a good idea @Diane_Miller. Let me try that and repost.