Morning breeze at Lake Martin

Late February 2013 about 8am, shot from the eastern bank looking westward. It’s a more conventional comp, nothing special. This healthy stand of Cypress is a good example of what may be found there. I liked how the light morning breeze tended to break up the reflections. I may revisit these frames for a more intimate crop emphasizing the reflections and Cypress butts.

E-5 Zuiko 50 F2 on tripod, full frame
ISO 100 1/100th f8, -1/3EV

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.
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This is excellent! And a great example of where background sky can actually be an asset. Not sure if you chose to show this as a result of your previous image of the cypress and swamp… but previously I think I nitpicked about cropping/cloning out the very few patches of sky… Well, here, clearly that’s not a consideration. There is more than enough blue sky that it adds considerably to the scene and captured image. Not to even mention the reflection yet, which is wonderful as well.

I’m really enjoying this one as presented. No nits or suggestions.


Very nice Bill. I’ve seen so many shots of these cypress swamps (from you and others), and they all seem to be taken on overcast days. Yet the colors of these trees are still very appealing, even in full sunlight. In this light you lose some of the texture in the moss, but in this image that is more than made up by the nice color and contrast in the scene. The reflections here are great, and there are definitely some other interesting images lurking in the bottom half, have fun playing around with that.