Moss - Hoh Rainforest, Olympic National Park


I’ve seen so many forest images recently that I thought I’d make this submission. I spent a week in the Olympic National Park in 2019. It’s an amazing place but spread out over a wide are that requires lots of driving. Anyway, this is from the Hoh rainforest. I lucked out and got there in the morning when there was little to no wind. The moss hanging from this tree caught my eye. So I tried a Focus Stack to get this shot. I didn’t keep track of how many shots it took, somewhere between 15 and 20, I think.

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Is this a composite? No

Fujifilm GFX 50S, GF 100-200@ 100mm, 0.6sec @ f/16, ISO 100
Processed and synched in Capture One, Focus Stacked in Helicon Focus, final adjustments in Photoshop.

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Love these moss images. The tree/moss combo gives such structure and the leafe aggregate placements balance it so well. Nice vision.

Thank you, @Mario_Cornacchione, I appreciate the comments.