Moving to Full Frame Sony A7RII or III

After shooting with my A6000 for the past year and a half I am planning to add a FF body and lenses. Since I am versed in the Sony system, I will likely choose either the A7RII or the A7RIII. Currentlly the II is selling on the used market for about $1,000 and the III for around $1700-1900. The camera will be used mostly for landscapes and I am on a moderate budget ie not bare bones but not overly generous. The attraction of moving to the III is that I think it will have a longer use life and the attraction to upgrade is lessened. At the same time the II might be that I really need.

I plan to start with the 24-105 F4 and then add a WA prime and a telephoto zoom most likely the Sony 70-300.

Thoughts or suggestions are welcomed.

Hi Pat,

I recommend that you get the A7R3. I have this camera and it’s amazing. I purchased this camera when it was released and the A7r2 was discounted but I chose the 3 as the battery life is much better in the 3 and the 3 has the touch focus feature on the LCD which is very useful for focus and for building a series of images for focus stacking.

Coming from the A6000 I think you’ll enjoy the resolution. I like having the extra megapixels so I can crop with liberty in post.

If you are considering a telephoto I’d have to say that the sony GM 100-400 is one of the sharpest lenses which I have ever used. You feel it in your pack but its a great lens.