My private bridge

Our property is bordered by Woogaroo Creek. Sometimes it’s barely flowing, sometimes it’s a raging river. I’m not sure if a log across a creek really falls into the category of a bridge for most, but for me, the log is my bridge.

Specific Feedback Requested

Technical Details 24-70@59mm f3.2 25 sec Tripod IR (R72) filter

Is this a composite: No


What a contemplative scene. A log over a stream is the world’s oldest bridge and it so counts. I like how soft this is and the low contrast adds to the feel of calm. Is that a branch leading down or a support someone added? Either way, it’s great. The grass hems everything in a mysterious way.

Thank you Kristen! The upright branch has been washed down in a previous flood. It’s gone now. The creek changes so quickly.

How beautifully framed! The sunlit grasses in the LL and right onto the bridge. Then you cross over and another clump of bright grasses leads right to the big euc, and beyond that is a fairyland! You live in a paradise!! I think you could do a picture a day for a year from within 50 ft of here!

Yes, it is a bridge!
I really like the softness in the grasses. It makes the whole scene very magical. Gorgeous!

Glennie, this is a fine "primitive bridge (also totally natural…), I’ve crossed ones like this many, many times. The bright grasses on the left and the tree on the right frame the log well. The winding creek looks good also.