New Badges on NPN

I’m excited to announce that we have a new badge system to recognize members who give back to NPN. The badges will display next to the member’s name on all posts, you can click on the badge to see what other posts have been awarded the badge.

The badges will be awarded by the moderators and myself. Members can also nominate posts to be recognized, more on this later.

The New Badges

  • Valuable Critique - This is awarded when someone gives an extremely good critique on another members image.
  • Thoughtful Response - This is awarded when a member gives a great response that is not a critique, typically in the discussion or showcase categories.
  • Great Contribution - Awarded to members new to critiquing to show our appreciation of their contributions and encourage them to keep doing so.
  • Valuable Post-Processing Tip - When a member gives a great tip on a critique, etc. this badge will be awarded on that post.
  • Valued Contributor - This badge is not awarded to a single post like the others, but instead is awarded based upon the members participation. Members that give back more than they receive will be eligible for this badge, meaning giving critiques and being a valuable part of the community. This award is highly coveted as it identifies our most valuable members who regularly contribute to NPN.
  • Editors Pick - This badge is awarded anytime a member is awarded Editors Pick. This is a little different as it will not display next to your username, it is just to let you know that you have been selected.

You can see all the badge and the posts that have been nominated for them here

How to nominate a post

Anyone can a nominate a post for a badge, when you nominate a post a moderator will review and decide whether or not to award the badge.

To nominate a post simply click the flag button at the bottom of the post.
This is typically used to flag a negative post that is spam, etc., but if you select the option “Something Else” it is not negative. Just type in the text box below something else of what badge you are nominating the post for and the moderators will be notified.

When does this take effect?

You will start seeing the badges next to members names immediately. As the badges are awarded you will see more and more. If you are awarded a badge you will get a notification. Older posts are eligible too.

Are there rules?

There are no specific rules for the badges, I am trusting the moderators to make the correct choices to award members who are actively participating. If you don’t have a badge and want to receive one, the answer is simple, just participate more! The intent of the badge is to show recognition to members who give back to the community and will hopefully encourage all members to participate more.

Please let us know what you think by replying here, or if you have any questions.