New EP views

New EP views
(Sandy Richards-Brown) #1

The new larger view of the EP’s found by clicking the link under “Community” at the top are really nice - (as opposed to the regular view when one clicks on the EP banner)
I like being able to scroll thru all the EP’s more easily.

However, they are SO big that many of the images there are very fuzzy and un-sharp.
We’re uploading a low resolution that just doesn’t hold up.
I, personally, am not comfortable uploading anything more than a basic email size since image theft is so easy.
Don’t know the solution - what do you think?


(Sandy Richards-Brown) #2

Kathy S’s iris, @AllanSparks 's dragonfly, Marilynn’s dog, Kathy B’s tree branches, Gigi’s daffodil , more - all are pretty poor quality with this large view.

I also see that ALL are able to be downloaded easily with a right-click, without any trouble or warnings. Is this accessible to the public?

Image theft is a very serious thing, and several years ago, someone found a website FULL of NPN’s images with no credit at all.

(Allen Sparks) #3

I’m not sure why my dragonfly is showing up so fuzzy in the EP feed you mention. I believe I uploaded it large enough to be sharp there.

(David Kingham) #4

Actually, this is a bug. They shouldn’t be showing this large, they should look like the rest of the categories which will be fixed soon.

(Kathy Snead) #5


Oh Good!! Make them non copyable as well. I just copied mine with a right click. Now, I realize that skilled technicians can copy without right click, but lets not make it easy on them, huh? We all work too hard on this and it does not matter if we don’t sell these things , these are our images and I will be darned if I am going to make it easy on some internet thief.


(David Kingham) #6

I am working on the right click issue as well.

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(Kathy Snead) #7

If you look in the individual galleries all the “Editor’s Picks” have suddenly become very large and are right clickable, although their counterpart non “editor’s pick” photos are not right -clickable.


(Sandy Richards-Brown) #8

:beetle: :bug: :mosquito: BUGS

(Kathy Snead) #9

Computer stuff is great until its not. Yikes. Now everything is right clickable. David - please look at the “latest” tab, it is now right clickable.

(David Kingham) #10

The right click issue has been resolved, still working on the other issue.

(Sandy Richards-Brown) #11

Thanks for all your hard work!

(David Kingham) #12

The EP view has been fixed now and will be 3 columns with smaller images like the rest.