New Feature - See all of your images (and others)!

A much requested feature has finally come to fruition! First off, when you click on another users avatar you will notice a new button to see that users images:


This will take you to a new view that displays all of the photos that user has posted with the beautiful thumbnail view that we have become accustomed to.

Second, you will notice a new button in the navigation bar called ‘My Images’


This will take you to the same view, but in this case for all the images you have posted.

Note: for the time being this only shows you images posted in the Image Critiques category, it will not show you images posted in the Image Showcase category. To see all of your posts in a thumbnail view, you can visit your profile, go to Activity > Topics, which will show you all the topics you have created but will also include any discussions you have started.

Please let us know if you run into any problems or have ideas on how to improve this feature!


First of, thank you so much, David. This was a feature that many of us missed from the old NPN site. I know that you have put in so much to make this, and many other wonderful things happen on this site. How can we ever thank you! :+1::+1:


Great additions. Thanks for making this happen, David.


Thanks, David. This makes it much easier and quicker to find.


Thanks, David. That will really come in handy.


Excellent! Thanks for making this happen, @David_Kingham! :+1::+1:


Hooray!! Thank you, David.


Thanks so much David for listening to us and making it happen!

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Does this work from a mobile device?

I forgot to mention that this does not work on mobile at the moment, there are some technical hurdles to overcome here, but hopefully in the future we can do this.


This is awesome! I think exactly what members for were asking for back in the beginning. Thank you NPN!

Question? Do you think this could/should eliminate the “member portfolios” feature? I’m thinking it could - although the one feature of that is that the member has a choice of what to include or exclude. “All images” is more like an archive data dump of all images and no choice to edit. I’m totally fine with that, just trying to think about the member portfolios feature. Only 15 members took advantage of that. No biggie…

Thanks again for the ongoing efforts in making this a great site.


Thanks Lon, my initial thought was this could replace portfolios as well, but I realized like you did that it’s a bit different. Considering this feature is just showing you all images you placed in critiques, it may be images you don’t want to share with the general public because they are works in progress, plus the critique areas are only visible to members, so you couldn’t just share this link with someone who is not a member. I’ll keep the existing portfolios around as it doesn’t impact anything negatively by keeping it and still provides a feature that a few people want.

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Great addition. Thank you.

FYI the My Images button has been moved from the Navigation bar to the header menu. You can now find it under the Account drop down along with a link to all of your topics