Nice Feature!

How about some feedback on what we like? I for one have lots of opinions on how things should work, feedback on what isn’t working, etc. But I also respect the ginormous challenge, risk/responsibility of taking on this new NPN endeavor and it’s only fair to give this new format time to sink in. I have zero vested interested in making this the way I want it… but of course want very much to see this succeed.

Having said that, I thought I would mention a feature that I think is great regarding image display. I’m fairly certain that the coding is smart enough to display the larger view that best displays in YOUR monitor. Some may be using a tablet or laptop, say 15-17" max. Others have huge 27"+ monitors. My biggest is 24". Whenever I click on the smaller post image, it opens up the larger view - within my own monitor dimensions. Benefit? No scrolling to view. And you can also go to full view (F11 in Windows) and see even more.

What is even better is by clicking on the larger popup image, the max resolution image appears. This of course creates the potential for scrolling on vertical image, but what is nice we get to see a much larger view, and of course more detail.

To maximize this feature, I would recommend uploading at 1500px, as is the site recommendation. I’ve seen no loss in quality at 1500px at 60 jpg web save.

To operate this feature, you start by clicking on the image post, smaller view. this opens the “larger view” which will be dependent on your monitor. If you have a big 30" monitor, maybe you see the full 1500px vertical image (I wouldn’t know…) If you have a small monitor, you still see the full version that fits to your monitor. While viewing the larger view (darker, semi-transparent bg,) hovering your mouse shows 2 behaviors. 1. hovering over the image you see your regular mouse pointer (a hand in my W10 case). Clicking inside the image reveals the full resolution image. When you click outside the frame of the larger view, the image closes and takes you back to the post. (This is indicated by the little circle with the “-” in it, indicating zooming out or back.

Anyway, long winded post to say I really like this feature!



That certainly is a nice feature! The other very positive thing I have found is that we no longer have to make a small version along with the large version: Make the final size image>upload…Done! The processing time savings (and saving disk space) will be a real plus over the long term.


Good to hear some positives! I really enjoy this feature as well, thanks Lon!

Great point Preston! Before, not only did I have 2 different size versions, I was constantly having to adjust the jpg quality to fit the size requirements. Often time I had to may my 4x5 scanned/processed image at image quality 5 (50) to make it under. I really like the simple requirements. 1500px, quality 6/60, done.

Oh, BTW, if you don’t maximize by posting at 1500px, say the old 720 or even 1,000, the “nice feature” won’t be apparent or show itself. I can see folks being hesitant at 1500px, but I think David has compromised by recommending the lower 6 jpg quality setting to prevent at least enlargements and printing. Stealing images for reposting on the web can NOT be prevented.

So take advantage of the large size folks!

I’m really enjoying the ease of viewing the latest images in each of the galleries and critiques. It makes it so much easier to be fully engaged with all of the styles of photography represented on this site. Coming back and being informed of what’s new and the latest updates is a marvelous feature.

I think the most important thing is that NPN has a new life. We’re now on a modern new platform with tremendous options and growth opportunities :grinning:


I find the quality of the images here on NPN 2.0 to be vastly superior to what we had before. I used to comment that images often didn’t look sharp. Well now, they look really sharp. The detail is often incredible. The grand landscape images seem to really benefit the most from this.

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I think my favorite feature is the inication that new comments have been made on a post. On the old site, I would rarely go back to a post that I had commented on. Now I find myself doing it regularly and learning a lot from it. I also think it enhances the sense of a conversation and that builds the community.


I think the request for artistic and technical criticism in the text posting box has really caused me to reevaluate and think more about what I want out of my photographs. It is also led me to consider multiple factors when posting a critique of another image.

I’ve also found that the excellent quality of the posted image on the site has forced me to alter my postprocessing and actually streamlining with less sharpening. I’ve had to pay closer attention to my workflow.

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I really like the QUOTE feature. It is sooo convenient. You just highlight a set of words and hit Quote to the prompt and a new response is created with the words quoted. And if you’re already in a response you scroll back to a previous post, highlight some words, and the quote appears magically in your post where you left off. It may seem like a small thing but quote, like spell checker is extremely useful.


I also really like the split screen feature you get during a post. The upper part shows all the comments on a post that can be scrolled while you comment area remains stationary. It is sooo useful to write about an image while seeing it at the same time. With the old NPN you had to scroll back and forth as you wrote to make sure your comments made sense . So, two thumbs up for the split screen!