New Feature: Personal Portfolios

Hello everyone, we have finally found a way to create personal portfolios for members. If you already have a website, flickr, etc. that you use for displaying your images, this is likely a feature you will not use. For those of you who do not have a website yet, or just want to take advantage of the way NPN displays images and have another way for people to find your work, read on.

First off, this feature is only available to members on a yearly, 3-year, or lifetime subscription. It is not available if you are on a monthly plan. The reason for this is because it does require some setup on our end and we want to make sure someone using this feature is going to stick around. If you would like to change your plan please visit the Change Plan page. Yearly is 18% cheaper than monthly as well.

This new feature will allow you to send a link to your portfolio to anyone, it is fully viewable even to users who are not logged in, and ads will not be shown to anyone on your portfolio. To see an example of what this looks like you can take a look at Alan Kreyger’s beautiful portfolio.

To create a portfolio please reply to this topic and let us know you would like to have one. We will then set you up with a tag which will be your name and we will give you access to post in the portfolio category. We will send you a message with instructions on how to create your portfolio along with your personal URL that you can share with friends.

If you would like to see everyone’s portfolios you can find a link in the top menu under ‘Community’, ‘Portfolios’. From here you can select a member from the tags dropdown menu. Any member can leave replies on individual photos.

The portfolios are very simple at the moment, we do plan to add a feature so you can add a description to the top of your portfolio where you can let people know about you and how to get ahold of you if they want prints, etc.

Admittedly, the portfolios are not perfect. There is no way to easily go to the next image for example, you do have to back and then click the next image. It’s possible we will be adding this, but for the foreseeable future, this is how it will work. You also have to post each photo individually in a new post, but this only needs to be done once.

Just an FYI; anything posted in the portfolio category will not show up in the latest/new feeds, so there is no daily limit on how many images can be posted in this category as the images will only show up in this category.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!
Are the images right-click-disabled?


I’d love to do this!

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Yes right click is disabled just like anywhere else on the site. Again, there are many ways around this as with any website. It gives a false sense of security so always due your due diligence to protect your images by watermarking and limiting size as you see fit.


David, thank you for all of your hard work making this site even better! I was out at the Botanical Gardens yesterday and saw 2 other photographers out there, and I told each of them about the site, and they were very much interested, and planned to check it out. One was visiting NC from Leavenworth. I am guessing the other was local, but not sure.

Anyway, I think I am interested in the portfolio. I have a website, but when I try to show a photo on it using my phone, it just doesn’t work all that well, so when we had the old NPN, I used to open it to show the photos, because I can make the photos large on the screen, and not have other things on the page covering up part of the photo like my website does (thru BetterPhoto).

Thank you so much. I do appreciate all that you do, and really love the site, and learning so much, even if I haven’t been submitting lately. I try to comment at least.

Shirley Freeman


David: please sign me up for the portfolio. Many thanks for doing this. Richard Sandor

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A thousand thanks for this! I will taking advantage, and I can assure you many members, as well as visitors, will be glad we have this feature.


Yes, please. Thank you.

@David_Kingham. This is excellent! Although I have my own web site, I may take advantage of this at a later time.

If folks need help, or are having problems, should they post those questions in Site Support?

Once again, NPN makes another leap. Thanks, sir!

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Please set me up. Thanks

Bill Fach

>=))> Soli Deo Gloria >=))>

That’s correct, any questions should go to site support. Thanks Preston!

This is great, thank you! Sign me up.

Thanks very much for doing this, David - and Please count me in for this feature.

This is great, Sign me up too. While I still have my own site, I think this is a great way for people to see your work without leaving this site.

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Thanks for going to all the work to set this up. I think it will prove to be a fine addition to the new NPN. Please sign me up. Thanks!

David, you can certainly count me in. I have a number of family members and contacts who will appreciate it. Many thanks again.

@David_Kingham, this is Awesome! Please add my name tag!

As someone else mentioned, yes, I have my own website. The great thing about this new feature is that members can stay within the confines on NPN and still check out a members body of work. And I think as Paul B. had pointed out, for frequent posters like me, it’s nice to have an archive of what I’ve posted here.

so thanks very much! this is most definitely a significant value add for members!


Hi. I would definitely like to have the portfolio feature. Please reply with directions on how/where to download images.

Pat Brundage

David this new feature looks great, thanks for all of your effort to make this happen. Compared to some other nature photo sharing websites it looks very professional, and even better it is part of your membership benefits, instead of being offered at an added cost.

The way it is configured now works fine in terms of navigation. My only concern is that if it becomes very popular, it could be cumbersome to access from the “all tags” dropdown box. If a lot of members create a portfolio, one may have to scroll a long ways down the drop down box list to access a specific member. This will probably not be an issue in the short term, but is something to think about long term.

Like Lon, I have my own website, but would like to see an archive of what I have posted at NPN. So please sign me up for this.

It could get quite long over time, and once the list gets long enough a search will show up at the top of the list along with a scroll bar to help this. The weekly challenge is a good example of this:

Just to be clear, it’s not an archive of what you’ve posted, but an all-new gallery where you need to re-post images. Still looking at adding that feature in the future.