New Tags for 'Techniques'

We added some new tags in all categories that you can use to help others find your style of images. Below is the list of new tags, please let me know if you think of others that should be added. Feel free to add the tags to an image you have already posted by visiting the topic and clicking the pencil next to the title.


Hi David. Could you provide some definition of these tags? I clicked on ICM and luckily a few people had already used it so I was able to figure it out. Digital Filters needs some clarification, I think. I have a hard time visualizing any finished image that wouldn’t have some kind of filter applied (exposure, noise reduction, sharpening, white balance, etc all fall under that category to me).


Sure thing,

#icm -Intentional Camera Movement
#multiple-exposures - Mulitple Exposures
#black-and-white - Monochrome
#composite - Compositing
#long-exposure -Long Exposure
#digital-filters - This is the only one that doesn’t have a good definition. It’s what we used to call ‘Photo Art’ where a digital filter is used to turn a photograph into something that looks like a painting, similar to this plugin I couldn’t think of a better name for this, so if anyone has ideas please let me know. We went away from the term photo art because of the implication that any other photography is not art and it’s confusing on when to use this term. Maybe graphic-design or computer-graphic would be more suitable as @Hank_Pennington suggested in the past. Again, this is not a required tag, just one to help others find this type of imagery, I just want it to be clear what the tag is for when someone is posting an image as photo-art is too vague for those new to the site.

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Why not just use it? #Photo-Art ??? A term most are used to from the previous category.



I would say only past members are familiar with the term, since adding the tag photo-art there have been many newer members that use the tag willy-nilly because they have no idea what it’s for, they just think my photo is art so I’ll add this tag. It needs to be a little more clear based on the tag name what it is, but obviously digital-filters is not the answer so I’m open to ideas.

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