Night's Wonder Over Yaquina Head



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Very nice astro. I miss Neowise. It was such an awesome photo subject. I see what you are doing here with the large sky and the small point of interest in the comet and the lighthouse? in the bottom of the frame, but I feel like you could crop in on them a bit more and still maintain the same idea. Also because it just affects the bottom edge I can’t tell if you mean to have the fisheye/curved aspect to the horizon? I would be curious to see how it looks with the distortion corrected.


Yes I was using a fish eye lens. It would have been easier to remove that distortion in camera for my system but hindsight is 20/20. I’ll be ready for the next comet!

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Me too. I didn’t know Neowise was coming. Can’t wait for the next one.

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Ben, The view is excellent. I like the big star field and clean view of the comet. Those make this about the night sky, not just the comet. The tidal flats and the lighthouse add extra context to the scene. My minor nit is the bit of brightness along the right edge, especially on the distant shore, burning that in to better match the luminosity of the rest of the sky/land would improve the overall viewing. BTW, I’m fine with the fisheye view as it adds to the feeling of vastness.

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Thanks for the light edit suggestion! I deliberately included the sky mainly because the Ursa Major was out with Neowise close by.

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