Nikon AF Fine Tuning.. finding I need a dramatic correction. Have you experienced this?

Nikon AF Fine Tuning.. finding I need a dramatic correction. Have you experienced this?

(TJ Thorne) #1

I just picked up a D810 and I’m finding that the AF Fine Tune on my lenses seems to be requiring corrections of +/- 20 points. This seems… extreme? Has anyone else been experiencing this with their Nikons? I also had this experience on my D610.

My current method for fine tuning is placing a ruler on a flat table, focusing on a number with the number as close to the middle of the single focus point in the middle of the frame. Take three shots with defocusing between each one and then evaluating the focus at 100% on my viewfinder.

I feel confident in my technique but such an adjustment makes me feel like something is up. Anyone else running into this?

(Hank Pennington) #2

The whole procedure is news to me, so perhaps it’s not even a feature of the 7200 or older models. But in truth I’ve never felt the need.

I’m illustrating a book with over 800 tabletop shots at the moment, requiring careful measurement of camera distance with an array of lenses and 3 strobes, so I think I’d notice if things were out of whack.

(TJ Thorne) #3

Are you autofocusing through live view or through the view finder?

I would imagine that the 7200 has AF Fine Tune. It usually resides in menu>setup>af fine tune.

(Hank Pennington) #4

Exclusively through the viewfinder. I’m aware of live view, but never even tried it. I use the DOF preview for critical focus, then turn off the AF so I can make each shot using a cordless remote without regard for whether there’s anything under an AF sensor.

I bet you’re right on the fine tuning, but I’ve just never found the need to pursue it. But happy to know about it should the need arise! Thanks.

(Ed Lowe) #5

I will not be any help to you because I have run into the same problem, TJ. I had never heard of having to AF fine tune a lens until recently after buying a used Nikon 80-200 2.8 lens on Ebay and never checked it out other than making sure the AF worked. Well as it turns out the focus is way off.

I bought a DSLRKIT in hopes of solving the problem, but like you my corrections were in excess of +/- 20 points. As of now I am stuck with a big paperweight unless I can figure it out.