Northern Woodlands in Autum

I took this photo during a fall trip to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. This photo represents my first attempt at ICM. Hand held, this is a slight vertical movement of the camera. I experimented with a number of different camera movements. Including horizontal and a twisting movement.

Primarily maple trees with the autumn yellow leaves. There is some green foliage mixed into the understory.

Specific Feedback Requested

I feel like it’s important that the number of trees, spacing etc. are important in a photo like this. There is a word for it, I just can’t think of it. How did I do?

I would also like feedback on the warmth of the photo. I want it to be warm, but still have the feeling of being in the shade.

All other comments are also welcomed.

Technical Details

Canon 5D IV | EF17-40 @ 33mm | f22 | 1.0s | ISO 100
Post processing ACR and Photoshop
There was a little bit of sky showing at the top where I cloned in yellow foliage.
Added a gradient to lighten the top


Go UP! Nice to see my home peninsula getting some love. I think this a really great image David. I like what the colors do for it and the way the trees line up. The odd man out seems to be the tree on the right? Maybe cropping down some more to remove that from the frame? Those central teees all line up nicely.

Wow, David, this is a great first attempt ICM. I can’t wait to see your next attempts. I absolutely love the colors and the movement. My favorite ICM’s are always of trees where it’s easy to tell that’s what they are. I love the moodiness in this image. The tree on the R doesn’t bother me at all. I think it, along with the darker tree on the L, keeps your eye in the photo. Excellent.


Excellent ICM! I too love the motion blur, with just enough form to recognize trees, but enough motion for a very fluid and beautiful result. I even like the remnants of the leaves themselves; which I believe if you start your ICM motion at the beginning of the exposure, you’ll get results like this. alternatively, starting your motion before hitting the shutter, you’re not likely to get the ghosty details of the leaves - of course at this point it’s all about personal perferences.

Love the color too, and no, not too warm for me. Very much an autumn, fall color representation.

The results here are wonderful!

I’m mixed about the big, dark trunk on the right. Donna makes a good observation about the balance left/right and the framing. Initially I was thinking that trunk needs to go, so I brought in to PS to test. Confirms for me that the image can stand beautifully on it’s own without the dark trunk on the right. But either way, you’ve got a winning ICM! Great first effort!


David, excellent first attempt at ICM! I love the golden color you have captured as well as the impressions of the flowers in the foreground. The light in the center and upper portion of the image draws me in.

The darker trees on either side of the frames also act as visual guardrails. I think a crop could also work to eliminate them and put more focus on the center trees but the image works as is.

Overall, great job in using motion as a visual design element in your image. I quite like the overall feeling of it too.

The warmth works for me here!! Very dramatic! You captured what is for the the holy grail of delicate swirling patters in the trunks and a hint of texture of the leaves. Hope to see lots more!!

Thanks you for all of your comments. I took a look at this cropped to 1:1 and I like it. I think I might have a spot for this on my wall.