Not a storm

Iceland is quite difficult to describe. Traveling around this amazing country you are constantly confronted by incredible scenes of dramatic beauty. There are volcanos and glaciers and icebergs and geysers and boiling bubbling mud-fields…it’s like driving through the land that time forgot.
I was looking for a shot for this weeks challenge and whilst this might look like a storm, it wasn’t. These clouds rolled in and then just disappeared.

Specific Feedback Requested

Any thoughts or suggestions gratefuly received.

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Leica D-LUX 6 1/1000 sec f5.6 90mm (equiv) ISO 100

Ryan, this is a terrific panorama scene. It sure looks like a storm brewing. I really like the clouds, very dynamic feeling. I might consider brightening up the foreground just a tad, not much, but I find my eyes straining to see the detail there. Also, I don’t know if it’s the clouds or processing, but it looks like there’s a halo around the top of the central mountain. If it’s a halo, then pretty easy to fix. If it’s the clouds, then what a nice natural framing for the mountain.

Well done, Ryan. Hope to see more of your Iceland shots.


I am not generally one who goes in much for panoramas. But this one works for me because it isn’t just wide, its actually panoramic. The sky is sensational as is the rock but what makes this picture for me are the man-made structures which, being dwarfed by the panorama, give the image scale.

Thanks for the comments.
David: Yes I see what you mean by the halo, I hadn’t noticed this. I think it may possibly be a bit of clumsy processing. I will look at this when I’m back home.

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Here’s a re-post. I have tweaked it a little. I had done some masking on the sky but it hadn’t caused the halo effect. It’s there on the original RAW, I think it’s the clouds coming up and over.

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