ON1 NoNoise 2024 + DXO Pure Raw 4

So I had a conversation about noise and noise reduction that made me go looking at some of the newest offerings and that included ON1’s updated product. I’d tried it in 2021, but chose Topaz’s standalone Sharpen & Denoise. Those are pretty ancient now and I’ve never been tempted to go to Photo AI (Auto Pilot?!? Do they know who their customers even are anymore? I know it’s better now, but I’m still not tempted after hearing the wailing about the new UI.). Sorry, rant over. For the most part, Lightroom does a decent job, but not with very noisy images and the sharpening isn’t even close. I haven’t tried others, but NoNoise impressed me.

The Tack Sharp function is pretty dismal, but the noise reduction with the ability to enhance detail and microsharpness works darn well. Here’s a before and after shot taken in 2020 at ISO 6400.

And for grins, Topaz Denoise standalone on Low Light and auto settings -

DXO Pure Raw 4 with the latest process and a bit of tweaking from standard settings -

And a little Photoshop magic, too. Brings the little thing to life after many years buried in my hard drive. It won’t be needed for every shot, but certainly opens up some opportunities.

PS. Looking at both edited shots at 100% shows the ON1 version has more detail in the shell, skin and reflection and looks less plastic-y.

PPS. There is more detail in the ON1 version when I compare side-by-side in Lr and the color seems truer to me - these are all processed with identical Lr values.

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Good information – and that is an AWESOME image!! A gaping fish mouth with a turtle parked on top of it!!

Looks like the ON1 version did some highlight reduction. The original does look like major noise. As wonderful as these things are, none of them is perfect – yet…

I’ve been using the DxO PureRaw lately and it’s been working nicely on the Costa Rica images that were almost all shot at moderately high iso values. It has 4 different algorithms apparently and the most advanced takes forever on my computer(not the most powerful beast). The Deep Prime setting works much more quickly and far quicker than the LR algorithm. Two years ago, I tried every noise reduction tool I could get my hands on on a Quetzal image and they all butchered the fine feathers on the crest. This time LR did so-so and DxO was quite good. I haven’t upgraded my On1 in a couple of years, so I didn’t try it.

Glad I could be of help.

I’ve always been leery of DXO only because it seems like more than I need with all the lens correction stuff it does. I may have to give it a go in light of what you say about feather detail. There is definitely more detail in the NoNoise 24 than in the Denoise of a few years ago, so things are heading in the right direction.