Orbits Unending

I haven’t done a lot of long exposures that showed any movement, but star trails are one example. I didn’t record the exposure time here for the trails but it’s probably on the order of 4-5 hours. (A stack of individual exposures.) The trails themselves are rather boring and it’s not easy to find a good FG so I did a composite. It was done several years ago and is not the best Milky Way I’ve shot – not tracked. And of course it’s doubly blatant artistic license since this view of the MW is to the south and the center of rotation is to the north. I need to do a decent MW view to the north – it isn’t as interesting but could make an accurate composite.

Specific Feedback Requested

All comments welcome!

Technical Details

Is this a composite: Yes
MW was shot in 2013 up in the Patriarch Grove in the Bristlecone Pines, in the White Mountains, at 11,000 ft. Canon 5D2, 16-35 f/2.8 at 16, f/2.8, 20 sec, ISO 3200. Star trails were shot a month earlier, from our property, a stack of 3 minute exposures.

The stars in the upper corners are distorted, thanks to that lens. It has to be the worst ever for stars. No idea why I didn’t use the 17mm TS-E, except that this was early into my attempts to shoot the Milky Way and I probably hadn’t brought the TS-E, not realizing until too late how bad the 16-35 was.

What I like about this @Diane_Miller , is the softness of the star trails. I love the way they fade away to nothing at the top of the frame. They have a wispy look.

Diane, this works on so many levels, despite any softness. Knowing it’s a composite,
I can sit here and just enjoy the scene. Really nice work pulling it all together.