Pano Stitching Issues

Hi NPNers,

I have a bit of a pano stiching issue going on and I am a bit unsure on how to solve it. I have a 15 shot pano that wont stich together. I have tried all of the PS and LR methods (that I know of) to no avail.

LR will only stitch two of the images together. If I try to stich another selection it tells me there are not enough matching photos for merging.

I have manually aligned them in PS and by my reckoning there is enough overlap. The process fails in PS too. Even after aligning them manually.

If anyone has some advice on how to stitch this image, it would be greaty appreciated :slight_smile:


Maybe try removing a few images at a time until you figure out what image(s) is confusing the software.

If all else fails you can always try PTGui…

@Richard_Wong Hi Richard. Thanks for the suggestion. I have tried to elimimate images from the sequence and it’s still falling over.

Hi @David_Kingham. Cheers for suggesting this too. I downloaded the trial software this morning but I get the same result :sob: I’m going to play around with the control point options and see how I get on.

Thanks both for the suggestions!!!

@Richard_Wong @David_Kingham I had to stitch manually in the end by reducing the opacity of one layer then overlaying it, and repeating. I then auto blended in PS and cleaned up a few errors. Was tedious but worked :grin:. Thanks again for your suggestions


Glad to hear you were able to make it work. Must have been annoying to piece it together.

Haha yeah I’m glad too. To be honest it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. Once I had worked out the flow it came together pretty quickly. I did a second Pano that wouldn’t stitch after and it only took about 15 mins.

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I suspect the low contrast and lack of any clearly identifiable markers in most of the frames might also have something to do with it…

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Hi Franz, yes I suspect this was the case in this shot.

I have had stiching issues with other ‘normal’ images too, so who knows for them lol

Welcome to NPN :slight_smile: