Patterns On Patterns

I spent a couple of weeks in Utah recently. I found these mud cracks along a side channel down a wash. There was some nice light bouncing in from the wall across from this spot.

D850, 24-70mm


Wow what a great find. Reminds me of a giraffe’s hide. Awesome. The soft light works well although you could try bumping texture and/or clarity to bring out a little more texture. Not sure about the blue at the bottom. A reflection of a coat or something?

Love this one! Colors and patterns are just great.

This makes such a fascinating abstract. Your processing is perfect with the deep black in the cracks. Awesome.

Excellent catch, Kris. With all the times I looked at this, I never even noticed the blue area. I have no idea what it is, but I made it go away and reposted. It was not easy to make disappear for some reason. Thanks

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Excellent. My first thought was that it was the hide of an animal but I came up with cow. Giraffe is a much better simile. I guess with cow I saw the underbelly and then upwards towards the back.

The one pattern overlaying the other makes for an interesting abstract. The bottom one feels organic and the one over it seems abstract. It’s like looking through a wire fence. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this effect with mud cracks before. Fascinating.

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I do like the mix of brown tones, which gives it a little more pop. The “drying out” (or different types of sediment, at least) really helps mix things up.

What a fantastic find!! Well framed and presented with pleasing colors and tonalities.

Nature or the natural world overall has got to be one of the best artists ever. It takes some effort to find an excellent mud etching or earthen mosaic as nice as this one, Harley. The giraffe hide seems to fit the color scheme idea too… :+1:

Perfection! The duotoned mud is really interesting.

Who spilled the coffee on your mud crack Harley? This is a terrific find and so unusual with the light and dark tones intermixed. Were the darker tones actually wet mud? Incredibly interesting and not something I can ever remember seeing before. I love the dark chocolate/black gaps in the mud too. Super capture Harley.

Wonderfully seen, Harley. Love the abstract quality and all the layers of textures and colors.

The mixture of tones and textures makes this image very interesting and beautiful.
The smaller cracks add a level of detail and realism that breaks the graphic look of the main cracks.
Gorgeous image Harley.


I am enjoying your very graphic abstract Harley. No nits from me.

Nicely seen and presented. Giraffe’s hide indeed!

A fabulous geologic art image Harley!!

Harley, this is awesome with a fine mix of drama and subtle detail! Excellent vision.

A very nice abstract. The contrasting tones of brown of the mud adds a nice variation as well.