Photographic opportunities in Amador County, CA?

My husband will be taking a plane to Jackson, CA for radio work, probably in early April – exact date TBD. It will be in the shop several days and I’ll drive over to meet him and we’ll hang out for the duration. So I’m wondering about places to do some photography. Nature would be my first interest, funky old mining stuff second. Ted will want to check in with the radio shop every day so just short day trips from Jackson would be all that is practical. (Yosemite is too far.)

I’m wondering if anyone has any suggestions? Thanks!

Diane, that area is usually at at it’s best in the February-March time frame. The trees start of leaf out and the wildflowers are everywhere. I used to visit the reservoirs in that area. Amador. Comanche. Mokelumne. I can’t remember them all. There should be good opportunities for closeup flower photography. The river that flows out of Mokelumne is beautiful as well. You should be able to get some nice pictures of valley oaks on rolling hills.

Diane, it is actually “Amador” county.

Igor makes some good suggestions. The Mokelumne River is quite nice. In April there will still be a lot of snow on the Sierra peaks, so day trips up Hwy 88 over Carson Pass would be fun.

If you go south on Hwy 49, there are the towns of Mokelumne Hill, San Andreas, Angels Camp, and Columbia. Columbia is a restored mining town and state historic park. Drive time from Jackson to Columbia is about an hour.

From Angels Camp, take Hwy 4 East to Calaveras Big Trees State Park. There, you will find giant Sequoia and, if your timing is right, Dogwood in bloom. You can continue up Hw4 to Lake Alpine/Bear Valley. It’s unlikely the road further east will open due to snow/winter closure.

If you do decide to come to Columbia, let me know and we can link up. I live very close to town.

Thanks @Igor_Doncov and @Preston_Birdwell. I do hope to get up to Calaveras Big Trees, and Dogwood would be awesome! We will probably head down to Columbia, also, as we have friends there. I’ll message you. (And I changed the title – thanks for the correction!)