Point Reyes trip

I’ve been trying to get back to Point Reyes for several years (have been out there maybe 5-6 times over the years for photography) and have decided I could quit putting it off. I was wondering if anyone else might be interested in a group trip? Fall can be a good time, with variable fog, raptor migration and the elk rut. Midweek is probably best for those of us who are allergic to tourists. It’s a big place and I’d suggest at least 3 days. Haven’t checked on accommodations out there in quite a while.

If I still lived in California, Diane, I would be there in a heart beat! I used to lived in Novato and would go to Point Reyes quite often. The fall is certainly a great time to be there. Have fun!

Ok, consider my arm twisted. But. And this is a big but. (I like big buts and I cannot lie…sorry), if I can get there reasonably easily. I am reliant upon commercial air travel and they suck worse now than ever. If I can get there…I would like to go. When are you thinking? This fall? That might be tough, but I can always try. Am going to Paso Robles in December with some friends and will kind of be there. In the state anyway but not close. It’s not really fall anymore at that point.

Yeah, getting places is a pain in the butt. I’m thinking 3-4 days there, between about Sept 8-20, but I could stretch it on either end on pretty short notice by moving a couple of appointments. Another maybe possible window is Oct 1-19, but not as desirable because of things going on here.

If you can get a flight to SFO you can hop on the Santa Rosa Airporter and I can pick you up at the airport here and you can check out our guest room and we can head over the next morning – about 1 hr drive to Point Reyes Station. Or depending on the flight arrival time, I could meet you at the Airporter stop in Petaluma and we can head over from there – right on the way. Return trip can work the same in reverse, either option. I haven’t checked on places to stay – I always sweat dovetailing flight schedules and accommodations.


Count me in! I saw your question earlier and wanted to let you know I would like to meet up with you and anyone who would like to join.

It’s “local” for me - well, it’s about 1.5hr drive for me, but would make for a great day trip - from early morning unil late evening - I can swing a day!

Mid-week, or any day works for me. Please keep me posted on dates and schedule. I think you’re wise if traveling from afar to schedule several days! There is so much ground to cover that you can’t do it in just one day! I want to get back to Limantour beach, as well as Drakes beach and of course Tomales point and the Point Reyes ranch - and tule elk!

Hopefully we can get some other locals to join in… I won’t name names… yet.

Sounds like fun, let’s do this!

You’re on!! I’m “local” too (north of Santa Rosa, a little over an hour to Pt Reyes Station or Olema) but I’ve got time and would like to do 3 days if I can line up a convenient place to stay. I’m flexible on dates, and if accommodations don’t work out I can just do one long day. So let’s plan on that day and I’ll see about stretching it on either end on my own.

See if you can round up any other suspects and let’s see when it could work! I can stretch my suggested time window on either end, to be between Sept 6 and 27, but 8-20 are preferred.

Unfortunately prices for flights are outrageous so I’m going to pass with great regret and will no doubt turn a lovely shade of green when you all post your images.

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Kris, we’ll consider this a scouting trip and hope you can swing a trip sometime next summer. Winter isn’t reliable as it’s the rainy season here - or USED to be.

I’d also love to join you and others for a long day depending on the dates. I live in San Francisco so its an easy drive for me. I am planning on going to Colorado for autumn color whenever it starts to peak, so that could be anytime between September 20 and October 15. Please keep me informed of the dates.

@Lon_Overacker and @Tony_Siciliano, the best weekday times for me are shaping up to be Sept 13-16 or Sept 19-21. How do those dates sound? Weather would be a factor – major fog wouldn’t be good – but Sept has good odds and a reasonable forecast should be possible a week or so ahead.

Haven’t checked on accommodations yet. I would like to stay 2 nights reasonably close and do a good 3 days but I can also do that some other time, so that’s not a factor that would shoot down this get-together.

My vote is for the 14-16th. We usually have the gkids on Tuesdays (the 13th) so i’ll skip that Tueday. And the following week we’re headed the opposite direct and have a house reserved at Blue Lake springs in Arnold. So I would likely do a long day either the 14th or 15th.

As I’m sure you know, accomodations are thin if you want to stay close. We’ve stayed at the Olema House right at the end of Sir Francis Drake blvd, in Olema. Nice place, $$$. Haven’t stayed, but is centrally located to all points, is the Tomales Bay Resort. A little cheaper than Olema. But can’t speakt to the accomodations…

So much to explore at PRNS! I’d be intereted in returning to Lemantour and Drake’s beaches and of course Pierce Point Ranch at the tip of the peninsula is always a good choice. Totally open.


I’m interested - the September 13 - 16 period would be good for me. Probably would bring my husband along, too. His mom lives in Marin County, so we’d be coming from there. He knows Pt. Reyes quite well, having grown up in Marin.

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@Bonnie_Lampley, that’s super!! Tomales Bay Resort looks good, or maybe Motel Inverness – looks “low-key” (as the saying goes). I’ll see if I can get reservations for the nights of the 14th-15th, and plan to be ratting around as early as I can get there the 14th and head back over the hill the evening of the 16th.

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OK – I have reservations for Hotel Inverness for the nights of Wed 14th and Thur 15th. (Sounds on the cute and funky side, a welcome relief from the usual travel accommodations, and an easy drive from the Bovine Bakery for breakfast and Cafe Reyes for pizza dinners! (And now you know why I planned the trip…) I’ll head over as early as possible on the 14th and head home after sunset on the 16th. Flexible on what I shoot when, but fog would be a determining factor. Clearing fog after sunrise on Mt. Vision is a past experience begging to be repeated. And I’ve seen the lighthouse exactly once (and from the air) due to fog.

I’d love to meet with you on the 14th or 15th if we haven’t left for Colorado…probably won’t know until a few days before then. Are you planning to do sunrise on either of those days (6:38am on the 14th)? If so I would want to meet with you later, somewhere, if that is possible. I’m a sunrise wimp now, except during the winter and fall when it is more manageable.

I wouldn’t get there that early on the 14th, but could drag myself out on the 15th if the weather looks promising. I’m also open to sunrise suggestions other than Mt. Vision. Depending on the days the others will be there, we can arrange a meeting place/time that fits your driving time. What time would you anticipate wanting to meet up? We should plan ahead as much as possible as cell service out there can be spotty.

@Lon_Overacker, @Bonnie_Lampley and @Tony_Siciliano – I now have a slight delay in leaving the morning of the 14th – we need to have the water pipes in the house chlorinated and would not be able to use water for 24 hrs. That morning would be the perfect time to do it, as my husband is off on his annual Grand Tour of antique airplane fly-ins and the water can sit undisturbed for 3 days. It looks like our water guys could schedule it that day as early as maybe 8:30, and would be through in about 45 minutes. So I could be going through Point Reyes Station about 11 am. I’ll be staying in Inverness so I can be out and about ludicrously early the 15th and 16th.

Hope the trip is still working for you guys and anyone else who might be interested! It’s looking like the fog will be about average and not a solid blanket of gloom.

Defnitely, the trip is still working for me I’m IN and confirmed!

I too won’t arrive early on the 14th; probably around the 11-12 timeframe. Trying to avoid early morning commute traffic. Maybe we should meet for lunch at 12 in Inverness? Just a thought since cell coverage won’t be predictable.

I’m making reservations for the one night at the Tomales Bay Inn - looks like they have plenty of rooms and reasonably priced. I had initially checked out the Inverness Motel last week, but now they want a 2-night minumum stay. No biggie, but I wanted to stay over as well to get a shot at a sunset and sunrise. And if anyone’s interested perhaps a Milky Way shot from somewhere.

So I’ll arriving 11-12 on the 14th. Be happy with any location for the sunset and sunrise hours, shoot thru the morning and head home midday to avoid that traffic, again.

Thoughts locations. I’m not fixed on any spot in particular, but have some thoughts. In no particular order:

  • Drake’s Beach. Runs east/west so is a great location for both sunrise/sunset. Love the cliffs there in late/early light. the beach is flat and expansive with lots of reflection/pattern potential as well as ICM? :slight_smile:
  • South Beach - surf, waves as well as dune/vegetation intimates. Image below was actually from Limantour beach circa 2008, but these scenes can be found near any of the coast spots; North, South Beach,Drakes, Limantour. Also from here, it’s close, but the Milky Way should be positioned just off the headland where the lighthouse is. Lighthouse isn’t really visible, but for the rotating light.
  • Tomales Point, Pierce Point Ranch, McClure’s beach. Always stuff there, including Tule Elk, but not sure what season this is if we’ll see them prominently.
  • Haven’t been in a long time, but there is Tomales Bay State Park. I think I went there looking for owls back when I did some wildlife
  • If anyone is interested, I might be interested in some night-sky photography. If we’re able to be out there.

Anyway, just some thoughts. Who else is in? Does a meet up time at 12 on Wed the 14th sound reasonable?

Any other thoughts or requests or “must see’s” chime in!

Really looking forward to getting the heck out of Dodge, even if for just a long 24 hours… :slight_smile:

Image for effect and incentive!

Excellent incentive!! The night of the 14th there will be an 80% moon rising at 10 pm, so the MW will be hiding that night. Let’s “do lunch” at 12n the 14th. Any suggestion where? There might be some cell service around Inverness. I have ATT. I’ll PM you my number. I have bluetooth so can talk while driving but will ignore texts.

Let me just tell you that I hate you all.

Not really.

Have a great time and enjoy your time together & what nature gives you!

How about Wisconsin in February!??