Point Reyes trip

The surf forecast look like the usual summer doldrums. High tide the 14th is about 3:20 pm and low about 10:20 am the 15th. @Kris_Smith, we’ll consider this a scouting trip for whenever you can get out here! But in consolation, there probably won’t be a mushroom within 500 miles.

We should plan another trip somewhere coastal for waves in the winter (would be on short notice), and the best sunsets follow clearing winter storms. We’ve had a few ripples of monsoonal moisture getting this far north and there is a slight hope of a stray cloud.

Our water guy can’t do the chlorination the 14th so I’m back to being able to make an earlier arrival, depending on freeway traffic. Might be going through the Inverness area around 8 or 8:30. I’ll go on either up Pierce Point Road or Limantour Road and then could come back to meet Lon and whomever else somewhere for lunch – or it could be a good idea to get in more photography time and brown-bag it and meet up somewhere? Cell coverage may be iffy to non-existent.

I’ll be driving a Subaru Outback, 7EJW255, white underneath a patina of dirt.

Here’s the claimed ATT coverage:

Sunset will be right down the beach at Limantour. The forecast for Bolinas (just down the coast) is for 40% “clouds” (probably marine layer fog) Wed at sunset but 20% Thur. Bolinas is its own little banana belt, so up at Point Reyes it may be worse. The lighthouse spit seems to be some sort of cosmic vortex that generates its own fog.

TPE for Wed:

A possible plan for my three days, with Lon there for the first two:
Wed do the area around Drake’s Estero then Limantour for sunset. Then find the nearest oysters as a consolation for a foggy sunset.
Thursday up to Pierce Point/McClure’s Beach, with Abbott’s Lagoon, Kehoe Beach and maybe elk on the way.
Friday out to the Lighthouse / Chimney Rock and maybe Mt. Vision for sunset, then head home.

But I’m completely flexible on all this. @Bonnie_Lampley and @Tony_Siciliano, are you still in? Ideas??

I’d love to meet up on the 14th any time after 11:00 if there is a way that is convenient for you and doesn’t cramp your plans.

@Tony_Siciliano, you’d never cramp anyone’s plans, and this is all play it by ear. Since it looks like you and Lon would be arriving about the same time, why don’t you two figure out how to meet and where a good point is for me to meet you. I’ll probably have done a “power breakfast” (sweet roll and coffee, consumed on my way out the door) and could be ready for lunch. Looking like the Tomales Store may be the most logical place??

If someone arrives early, the shipwreck may still be worth some time.

@Diane_Miller I’m still in, although I probably will not be around for part of one day (conference call for work that hasn’t been scheduled). We (husband & I) will be coming from San Anselmo and we’ll find you all wherever you are. I’ll dm you my cell # so you can text me where you’re going if we aren’t there yet.

Could we all meet in Pt Reyes Station in front of the bakery at noon on the 14th? One little glitch, I get my booster shot on the 13th and if I am feeling punk will have to cancel. There should be internet in Pt Reyes Station so I could let you know.

I was able to change my booster appointment, so I will be there for sure.

OK – great news, Tony!! The Bovine Bakery at noon works for me, but I’m wondering if the Inverness Market would be a few minutes closer for any who might arrive earlier and be out somewhere before noon? The Inverness Market looks like a possible lunch place, although PRS would have a little more sophisticated offerings. But (as I have to keep reminding my husband), dining is not really the priority on a photography trip. Others??

Yes, great news Bonnie and Tony can make it! I’m looking forward to meeting all of you!

I sent a more detailed note via private message with our contact info. so I won’t repeat here.

If there is anyone else in the Bay Area within easy reach of Point Reyes, we would love to have you join us!

Looking forward to the meet up, making some new friends and of course maybe capturing a few images along the way!

See you Wednesday!

Can’t wait to see the photos from this adventure. Have fun!

Oh heck yeah I would drive up from Monterey Bay! I might even be able to get us close to the ellies where the marine mammal center releases them. There are also bobcats around there, too.

Let’s hope we can pull off another trip soon! As a cat person, I’d LOVE to get some good shots of a bobcat!! (I’ll bring Fancy Feast…)

And maybe if airfares come down out of the stratosphere I can get there next time. Keep the shots coming!

Lots more coming! This insanity can’t keep going on…