November 2021 - Prescott, Arizona - meet-up?

I know it’s early, but sometimes having a lot of notice helps. Because of something my husband is doing in the area, I’ll be in Prescott Valley November 20,21 & 22 and would love to go out and shoot with anyone who’d like to join me. Barring that, if anyone has any nooks and crannies that shouldn’t be missed, please share. I’m good with Google and have already looked at the surrounding area and there appears plenty to keep a nature photographer occupied. I’ll probably have a look through my State & National parks guides as well for ideas and planning advice.

Ps. I thought there was a dedicated Meet-Up space, but I looked and couldn’t find it except for a private group. If this needs to be moved, let me know.

That sounds cool! I wouldn’t know until shortly before if I could make it but would love to if I can! Keep me in the loop!

Shortly before is OK. We have a while to go yet, but I’m already sort of thinking things through and turning things over in my mind. It’s been ages since I’ve done any serious desert photography.

I’m interested. Where do you have in mind to go?

This sounds really interesting! It’s a difficult time for me at work, so it’s pretty unlikely I could make it. I’ll definitely keep it in mind though in case something would work at the last minute. That’s really great that you are willing to do this!

Hi Kris! Sounds like fun! I don’t think I can do it but I wanted to just let you know, if you don’t know already, that you will be only about an hour and a half from Flagstaff, AZ which has some great high desert hiking, scenery and horny toads and other neat animals! (I used to live there and would hike Mt Elden nearly every day) Also Sedona (I never made it there) which is supposed to be the most awesome place, is only about an hour away from Prescott. I know you’ll only be there 3 days, but just wanted to give some information you might be able to use!

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So glad there’s a little interest here. No worries if no one shows up, I’m good with adventuring solo, but it’s nice to have company in a new location.

More detail - I’ll be the one with the wheels and will have to drop off and pick up my husband from the thing he’s doing. That means I can’t stray too far or else I won’t have much time at any location I choose. As a result, I probably will stick close to Prescott and the environs.

I don’t have any plans so far, what I really wanted was any locals (@Carol_Lang ,this means you, lol) to point me in directions I should go or should avoid. Google is my friend so I can always research, but that’s without perspective or experience.

That said, I’ll most certainly figure out something before I go. I never truly wing it.

Hello peeps - it’s about 5 weeks out from this trip and it looks as if our own @Diane_Miller will be coming too. She has graciously offered to reach out to another photographer to see if he is up for a boat tour of a lake in the Prescott-Sedona area. Possibly Watson Lake in Prescott. May the ducks be with us!

Other than that I’m looking into some activities that are easy on the feet and knees near Sedona and more difficult ones near Paulden which is where I need to be at 8 am and probably 5 pm.

If any locals are out there and want to share a favorite location or something I shouldn’t miss, let me know. Or if anyone else wants to head over to hang with Kris and Diane (oh yeah just get that song out of your head now!), chime in.

I have lived in Prescott for thirteen years, and photographed on all of its lakes. Sadly, I am having knee surgery the week before your trip, and expect to be housebound.
At the moment, Goldwater Lake has the highest water level. I have also found it to have the most reliable wildlife photography opportunities. You can generally count on seeing herons, bald Eagles and ospreys. It is a compact lake, easy to get a feel for it right away. The best time to be there is as early as possible. it opens at 7.00 in winter months. At that time of day, all you will encounter is a few fishermen. Later in the day, it fills up and gets noisy, and the wildlife disperses. There is a launch ramp, if you are boating.
If you visit my website,, everything on it was photographed locally.
Hope you enjoy your trip!

Hey thanks for that, @Michael_Hunt - too bad you’ll be out of commission, but I hope the surgery goes well and your recovery is quick.

We’ll take a look at that lake. I know we’d both like to get some wildlife shots if possible. We’re also planning to do some scenic drives with lots of stops.

I love Watson Lake. It should be at the top of your list. Easy access and hiking trails.

Thanks, Bill. I believe we have a date with the lake.

What time will you be available after dropping off your husband? Early mornings and before sunset at Lynx Lake are good for herons, sometimes bald eagles, double crested cormorants, etc. The dells
and Willow Lake are great for rock formations. The lakes are very low now.

Keep me as tentative but I would love to join!

Hi @Carol_Lang & @Adhika_Lie - you’re welcome to join us. Because Diane has so graciously volunteered to drive, I am off the hook for some husband fetching duties. On Sunday we are planning to visit the Palatki Heritage Site at 11:00. I made reservations for 3 people, so if you want to join us you will have to call and make one yourselves. Here is the website with the phone number -

Only 10 visitors are allowed at a time and we may decide when we get there to continue to the sister Heritage site nearby -

But we’re keeping things pretty loose since there are trails to wander and things to see.

On Monday we’re thinking of taking a scenic drive and stopping along the way to explore canyons, trails, lakes and other goodies that take our fancy. Possibly from Prescott to Jerome or south of Prescott through the National Forest. That’s the day I have to go back to Paulden to get my husband so we can drive back down to the Phoenix airport for our flight the next morning. Or we have to meet somewhere so he can pick me up if I’m carpooling with others that day. I’ll find out more about the timing later. That last session for him might be looser with time. Not sure.

So if that appeals to anyone, let me know and we’ll be prepared to finalize details.

[quote=“Kris_Smith, post:1, topic:22573”]
…share. I’m good with Google and have already looked at the surrounding area and there appears plenty to keep a nature photographer occupied. I’ll probably have a look through my State &

Thanks for the offer, but I am not able to attend.

@Adhika_Lie, it would be very cool if we could get together with you for some part of the adventure! If not this one, then sometime soon!

This sounds like fun! I’d love to join but can’t commit until closer to the dates. My husband’s being a good sport about taking care of our 9 month-old puppy during a getaway I have scheduled mid Nov. Not sure how keen he’ll be at the prospect of another so soon after. :wink: I’ll pencil this in and keep you posted. Great idea!

I should update my comments about Goldwater Lake. We were there, yesterday, and the place was deserted - no humans and no wildlife. The oxygen levels in the lake have apparently dropped, leading to extensive loss of fish life. No fish = no eagles, ospreys or herons, of course. They are pumping air into the water, and eventually will restock with fish, but, at the moment, there is no opportunity for wildlife photography.

Thanks for letting us know, @Michael_Hunt - we’re finalizing our plans today and so will take this into consideration. Total bummer about the lake though. With an environment like that, each body of water is probably more important in the grand scheme of things.