November 2021 - Prescott, Arizona - meet-up?

I hope to join up with you, but leaving Prescott for a week in N.M. and Bosque del Apache area. Should return to Prescott by Nov. 17-18. Thanks for your heads’up on this.

Great @joann - we’re glad to have you. Scroll up for more detail on what we’re doing. If you want to join us at the Heritage Sites on Sunday, you’ll need to make a reservation for the same time. Otherwise we can arrange to meet on other days at other times. I think on our way back from the Heritage sites we’re going to stop in Jerome and take a scenic way back. If you want to join, PM me your cell phone and we can contact you when we get there. Cheers!

Last update!

Plans are still the same, but here is some more detail -

Friday will mostly be a traveling day, but we’ll meet in Prescott for the first time and probably celebrate Happy Hour and have dinner together.

Saturday afternoon we’ll probably be having lunch in New River, which is a northern suburb of Phoenix. There is a little bit of conservation land nearby that might be good for birding with an easy trail of .8 miles. I have other things on my Google Maps list that we might hit on our way back to Prescott for drinks and dinner.

We are going to see the Palatki Heritage Site on Sunday at 11 am local time. Please make a separate reservation for that time to be allowed on the site. There is a fee to visit this park. The Ancient Hopi ruins and artifacts look interesting and I love seeing any Native American historic sites.

After that we will visit some other local attractions around the area depending on time and whether we need to head to town for lunch. That town will probably be Jerome which is on the way back to Prescott where we will do drinks and dinner again. Seeing a pattern here?

Monday will be a scenic drive probably in the Prescott National Forest and maybe a stop at the Highlands Center for Natural History just outside the city. There are some things like a charcoal kiln and overlooks in the National Forest that are on the list and we’ll hit them as time and inclination dictate. There are also a lot of old mines and ghost towns in the southern part of the National Forest near Crown King and we may cruise by one or two of those.

We will part ways to head back home sometime late afternoon.

Send me a PM here on NPN if you plan to join us. It should be a lot of fun!

Kris, I’m back home and shaking the New Mexico dust off. Literally. Too dry for words.
If you’re able to send Friday evening location to me, I hope to join you.

Just sent a text to your phone!