Playing in Lightroom

So I found the make a book section in Lightroom, I just had to play with it.

I think it came out OK, too small and expensive to print to sell them, (like anyone would want to buy them) so it something I will keep and show people.

So if you want to see it, here is a link:

Funny you should post this. I’ve done some books in the past, but not lately and I decided I’d do a year book featuring my favorite photos from each year. It’s fun, but time-consuming. I hope that I can save the one I am almost done as a template and use that going forward. It will need tweaking of course, but most of the work will be done. You have a nice collection of images in yours.

I think this is wonderful, Hank. I did a couple of books in the past and found that bringing images together in a way that supports a particular theme really helped me to hone the art of picture making . Doing something like a book or monograph helps me set parameters for the pictures I take, which in turn helps me to attune my eye to look for images that will complement each other and tell a more complex story or reveal a mood more poignantly than a single image ever could. Whether the limitations I place on my image making is that they will only be monochrome or, as you have, that they will all be taken along a particular path, it stimulates and helps hone my creative edge. The point of photography for me, at least, is not to create products but to engage the creative process. The idea of making a book or a monograph is a great way to sharpen my creative edge by helping me to be more focused in my creative process. It is my belief that the last thing the world needs is another photography book. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t enjoy the process of creating one. Congratulations on your effort.

Thanks, It was a lot harder to make everything look the same and line up, then I thought it would be. there are a couple of things I would do different next time.

Thank You it was a learning experience

I enjoyed viewing your book very much.

I’ve made several books of our big, outback adventures and the grandkids get one every year. Each book is an improvement on the last.

I have never done a book for myself. Thank you for the inspiration!

Look forward to seeing it.

Thanks for sharing, Hank. I enjoyed your book. I’ve had making a book of my images on my TO-DO list far too long. Unfortunately, my perfectionist tendencies have prevented me from finalizing the image selection and processing.

I am glad you liked it, there were many changes in my book, even after I printed it changes were made.

Wonderful idea and a very nice collection of images with a unifying theme. I haven’t look at the Adobe software, and will check it out. I’ve used Bay Photo and find them first-rate.

I’ve just finished a book of some of my favorite photographs of our granddaughter for her upcoming 6th birthday. They are spontaneous portraits that show her growing up. The biggest part of the job was culling from over 11,000 images that remained after major deleting after each shoot. The book (with copies for the other close family members) will be accompanied by a DVD with hundreds of images, and a link to a corresponding online gallery. Still selecting for that …

That is some project, can’t even imagine how much work is involved with that.

Thanks for sharing. Growing up in northern Illinois the images certainly brought me back home. I applaud you for experimenting and doing something you haven’t done before. …something I am trying to do with my photography as well.