Question about image critiques

Having just posted a comment on a fabulous first post by new member Clint, I have a general question and would love some feedback. I downloaded his image and made a few changes and included that edited image in my post. If I post on “Image Critiques” I would almost always be intrigued by what other people might do to my photo to improve it, but I realize that might not be everybody’s cup of tea. It’s one thing to make verbal suggestions, it’s another thing to work on the photo itself. My fear is that working on someone else’s photo would steal some of their thunder. I need some help in my thinking about this and in the proper etiquette for this wonderful forum. What do you think? Does doing edits go too far unless specifically asked for?

I believe this was discussed several months ago. The answer to your question is that if the user feels that way he can make the image not downloadable. Another words, the owner has the ability to allow or not allow his/her image to be edited.

Actually, I’m confused. There doesn’t seem to be any way to modify the downloadability.
At least, I couldn’t find it.

This post may actually belong in the site feedback section where it will get David’s attention.

@Igor_Doncov, I agree the topic should be moved. I tried to move this topic to Site Feedback, but the software will not allow me to do it because of the Grand-Landscape tag which I cannot delete.

I have sent a PM to David for help on this.

I think there is no better way to demonstrate what your trying to convey by downloading it and making those changes along with a description so they can visually see what you’re talking about. This is why I enabled the download button in critiques (which is only visible to members). I would actually encourage more people to do this because it is so powerful.

I have only received positive feedback since enabling this. If you’re posting in the critique section you obviously feel like the image has room for improvement, and reworking the photo is no different than suggesting what edits should be made, it’s just a more effective way.

Igor, there is no way to change download ability, if you post in the critique section you accept that it can be downloaded and reworked by other members as spelled out in the guidelines.



A good and valid topic I think. First, I think many might be like you and are sensitive to working on other’s images. I know members that don’t download for that very reason. It’s understandable.

Personally, I think this is at the heart of why having critique and non-critique galleries is a positive - as I’m now learning and seeing. I see the non-critique galleries for those who either a. are very comfortable with their work and are not seeking critiques, or b. are not comfortable with their images/work in the possession of someone else. that’s all fair and understandable.

Maybe not everyone actually thinks about it, but by posting in the critique galleries, by definition you’re giving permission for someone to download and actually seeking out feedback. I will often download an image from the Landscape Critique gallery, but most times won’t repost unless I feel the OP wants that or has specifically asked for it. For me, as Dave points out, it’s a great way to learn and after all, most are here to learn and improve their skills and photography.

For me, not only can it be helpful for the creator of the image, but in the process I am also learning and increasing my skills and knowledge. So I see value in the exercises regardless if I ever post it back.

I agree with that. I think this is the single greatest feature that has more people coming to NPN 2 than came to the original NPN. It has enriched the critiques and critiques are the main draw here.


I just saw this topic and felt I should chime in. Being new around here and still in a trial period, it can be taken with a grain of salt, but I felt the image critiques and that ability for someone to download and demonstrate their processing ideas was a very compelling reason for me to even try this all out.

There are far better post-processors out there than I and while people can tell you what to do to an image, when someone with the knowledge actually demonstrates what they are talking about, it’s far more valuable. I think that’s why so many of us purchase video tutorials these days to learn. It goes a long way to “see” something. I appreciate you taking the time to demonstrate what you were talking about Tony and I don’t in any way feel it was stealing any thunder. Thank you again.