Download image button in critique forums

Please read through this before responding.

I have added a download button in the lightbox for images posted in the critique forums, the important part of this to note is that critique forums are only visible to NPN members, any non-members cannot see the critique forums!

What this does is allows other NPN members to download your image to demonstrate post-processing techniques without having to use workarounds on the right-click limitation. I have also added a note that will go on the end of each post:

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.

In other galleries which are open to the public, the download button is not visible, and right-clicking is not allowed. There are still ridiculously easy ways to circumvent this as with any website, but it makes it slightly harder for John Q. Public to download your images.

I would hope that we have enough trust between fellow members that this download button will be a non-issue.

I think this will be helpful. Thanks for adding this capability, David.

I believe the Guidelines say that the OP must give permission for others to download and adjust images. Correct?

Secondly, does this include being able to post alternate crops, as well as adjustments to images?

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I like the idea of members being able to provide feedback by showing their critiques rather than just writing about it. But I suspect that allowing another member to download a high resolution image may not be that popular. I notice that some members don’t upload large versions just to protect themselves already. Is there a way that they could download a low resolution copy such as what you’d get from a screen dump?

But yes, the ability for critiques to be provided as images with arrows and circles is a major breakthrough over NPN 1.0 and we’re better off for it.

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Excellent, David. I was trying to figure out how to get the full resolution image someone posted the the other day and with my relatively antique computer skills, I gave up and tried to explain my suggestions in just words. This will work much better.

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Yes, I plan to change this to say that by posting in the critique forums you give rights to other members to download the image but only demonstration purposes and they must delete the image afterward.

Yes, I will add this to the guidelines as well.

I’m sure there will be some very vocal opposition to this, but I feel it’s a great move forward to even better critiques on NPN, so I’ll take the flack :wink:

This is exactly what they need to if they want to protect their image, there is no other way besides not posting it on the internet, it’s so easy to bypass the no right-click anyways.

Maybe, but have a higher resolution will allow for better demonstration of post-processing techniques.

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David, I assume you mean ‘delete from their local storage drive’ here?

Yes, here are the new guidelines:

Reworking a Photo

By posting in a critique forum you grant limited rights to other members to download your photo for the explicit purpose of demonstrating post-processing techniques such as color adjustments, contrast, cropping, etc. Any other use is prohibited! The re-worked photo remains Copyright of the original photographer.

  1. Open the lightboxed version of the image, in the lower right corner you will see a download button. Right click and save as.
  2. After you have reworked the photo, reply in the same thread with the photo and detailed notes on what you did to adjust the photo.
  3. Delete the photo from your hard drive.

Note: The download button is only visible in critique categories, and these categories are not visible to the public, only members.

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@David_Kingham. I’m still from the old school where I still think it’s common courtesy to ask permission. I like the feature as it certainly will make it easier for members to offer their ideas on processing, etc. And I understand completely that by posting images in the Critique galleries a member is already acknowledging and seeking opinions on how to improve their image.

To me, the value is in the discussion of the feedback. Not only providing the re-worked version, but also providing details on what steps, layers or methods used. Yes, having a visual reference showing the proposed adjustments is valuable and we all can learn from that - not just the op.

I would still encourage folks to ask the photographer if they could download and offer a re-worked version. To me, it’s just being courteous. And just to be clear, I don’t mind at all if folks want to edit my images and suggest improvements - it’s one of the many ways we all can learn and improve.


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David, when I right click in Chrome the download button I get the following. I don’t see a Save As. What should I use?

Looks like you are right clicking on the Download Button. Left click on the Download button. You’ll get an image on the screen. Right Click on the image to download it.

Keith is on it, I have updated the FAQ to reflect this.

This is great David!! Such an awesome feature. So glad you decided to go forward with this.

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I can’t seem to be able to do a left click on a MacBook Pro trackpad. Left click doesn’t seem to be supported on a trackpad. I’ve searched the net for this but haven’t found anything yet. If anyone knows how please let me know. Thanks.

Igor: You clearly have a left click. When you clicked Reply on this message to post your question, you were pressing the left click button. If you are talking about right click, then go to the Apple in the top left corner of your screen click, then choose System Preferences, then choose Trackpad: You’ll see an option for Secondary click. Set that up however you want it to work. Here’s a picture.

I you really are talking about a left click, the option labeled Tap to Click is the only one that deals with a left click.

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Yes, I have those preferences set up. When I do a one finger tap, which is supposed to be a left click, I get the following image. The lightbox image expands, there is no prompt box to Save As or anything else , and the ability to go back to the post is only available with the browser back arrow in top left. You can’t hover over the right top corner of image and click to go back to post. You can verify all that on any MacBookPro.

Here is the image before the tap. As you can see the X in the upper right corner disappears and there is no popup box to do anything:


As noted in my earlier response: I’ll BOLD the last step you are missing:

Left click on the Download button. You’ll get an image on the screen. Right Click on the image to download it.

So just Right click the image after you get it on the screen and choose “Save Image to Downloads”. Here’s another screen shot using the same image you were using. Then use the Browser back button to go back where you were.

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Got it. I’m so dense.

  1. tap in download symbol
  2. two finger tap on the resulting image
  3. tap on Save As

Thanks for guiding me through this, Keith. It’s not intuitively obvious. At least, not for me.

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