Quiet reflection

I found this composition on a small lake on the trail back to the campground after a calm morning photographing the sunrise on Georgian Bay, Bruce Peninsula Nation park… Nothing better then getting back to the campground when everyone one else is just getting going. Something special about standing alone on the shore of a quiet body of water. I still remember taking this image in 2014.

Specific Feedback Requested

Any feedback welcome

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
f/5, 1/320, iso160. 200mm on full frame


A very elegant presentation. Minimalism is my jam and this hits the spot. The shading of blue from top to bottom is quite nice as it fades out. Looks like there may be a tiny bit of chromatic abberation going on here, but it’s hard to tell. Soothing and beautiful.

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@bryannelsonca This is a really lovely simple image, and the excellent reflections help illustrate the quiet water theme. I would like to get better at isolating small and simple elements from a scene.

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Keep at it. I’ve worked with this type of subject numerous times but this is my best one to date.

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Bryan, this is beautifully quiet and reflective. You’ve got some fine subtle details in the ripples.

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