The anticipated sunset never materialized, but the clouds parted briefly and the sun radiated through. In the end, I like the photos I got more than if it had been a colorful sunset.

Specific Feedback Requested

I would like any feedback. Specifically, I’m wondering if the clouds in the upper left corner are too bright.

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No


A magnificent sunset - the light is exquisite. The composition is well balanced, and I love the little birds in the surf. The ULC clouds don’t seem too bright to me. The light in the rest of the frame is so eye-catching, that those lighter areas don’t feel odd at all.


Bonnie said it pretty well, but I’ll chime in. The stream makes for a terrific leading line to the shorebirds and the surf. Then there’s that sky. Wow. It doesn’t need color. I think if it had, it might compete too much with the flowing water in the foreground. Well balanced and composed. Brava!

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Way better than a colorful sunset Chris. Very dramatic with awesome light. The leading line from the LLC right into the surf and the shorebird at waters edge make for a breathtaking composition that is highlighted by that amazing sky. I don’t think the ULC clouds are too bright but if you reduce clarity or blurr them they would better match the rest of the sky. Very, very small nitpick though. Stunning image!

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Stunning light and well balanced composition Chris. I think the clouds in the ULC look fine.

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Chris, I have to say this is an outstanding image. This has lot more value to me than any colorful sunset. Presenting this in B&W simplifies the image and makes it all about the gorgeous light. The ULC looks fine to me, I wouldn’t change a thing about this image. The light rays are wonderful, but I just love the look of the water meandering through the sand.

I’d take great light over a colourful sky any day and this to me is definitely great light. I like the image as is but I am intrigued as to what a colour version would look like

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Ditto Chris. This looks great and the upper left corner is fine. Nice job of taking advantage of the conditions.

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About a week late but I just wanted to say what a wonderfully evocative image this is. In going with monochrome, you have really brought out the graphic appeal both in the “God” light in the sky and the water making its way diagonally along the sand to the sea. Fabulous light and line. The birds push it to the level of the sublime.

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